Making Inspirations into Realities


Sidewalk inspiration by Emma of Tampa, Florida.

We all love those morning mantras or Monday motivations.  Those little doses of inspiration to get our gears going into action.  Anytime of day, I say we could use some of those quotes.  Some stick with us more than others, to soon shape our whole perspective.

But how do you see those coming to be?  The mantras that give you that “aha” moment, do you really see them in your everyday life.  How do you incorporate ways to fit them in?

Lately, I’ve been in a little funk.  Not terrible, but enough to make me go, “No, you have a dream, you have a goal, so be there.”  Questions on what is my next step came up.  How can I show up? How can I be there in the most authentic way to show others what I believe?  Will I embrace the connections that have shown up themselves? More than ever I have questioned is this what I want to be doing right now.

“Just question if you still love what you once loved.” ~Danielle LaPorte

There are times the universe controls what happens, but there are times you need to make the happens in the universe.

Here are some steps to making those inspirations become your reality.

1.  Where were you three years ago, and where are you now?  Take any perspective you like.  But, don’t sugar coat it.  Do have a different job?  Different partner?  Newly Single?  Newly open?  For me, I found myself almost in the same exact place.  Same job, same house, most of same friends.  Inside, I am actually trying to get right back where I was before too.  Can you believe it?  I want the same openness.  I want the practice and commitment.

2.  How can you make it different?  Yes you can be in that same job, but are you in a different position or more goal-oriented?  Can you take living in the same place, but take random weeks to make up for the adventure?  That’s exactly what I did.  Taking a spontaneous trip, to do almost the same as what I’ve could have done home… was one of the better decisions I made in a while.  You can get out of your comfort zone and still do what comforts you!

3.  What ways will you practice?  When you look at an amazing liner, write down how you can or have made it happen. Try saying to yourself, “Fuck yea.  This is what’s gonna go down now!” I have this amazing planner that helps me with that.  Everyday I use it, to figure out what I can change or do, to make that mantra come to life.

So much easier said than done.  The funks and rough patches might seem they are coming up more often than you prefer.  But, after a while, I guarantee it’s because you are thinking more frequently of having those inspirations become a reality.

“Do stuff.  Be clenched, curious.  Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead.  Attention is vitality.  It connects you with others.  It makes you eager.  Stay eager.” 

~ Susan Sontag


March Lovin’: Cleanse Me Edition, Recipe Included!


Hello, my dears!

A lighter post for you all.  One filled with pictures, hidden stories, and a way to remember enjoyment of the little things

I was looking through my intentions for the ending month.  As to kind of see how I have accomplished some, need to work on many, and how I can go further.  Well, a couple that stood out was my intention to feel daring and to humble myself.  Both, I believe are in the process of being conquered and definitely are to move further.

How?  Why? IMG_2405

Well, I stepped up my business game.  Little videos and plans here and there.  Just a start on how I want to get out there, and then actually doing it.  Then I did my detox.  And I found a little goes along way, especially with food.  Sweet Soul Nourishment can be found anywhere.


Remember, when times were simple?  Or so I thought.  When we were just eating whatever and cooking up a storm?  Whatever felt right, for the day or week, I was on a mission to create.  Something delicious, lasting, and nourishing.  As all meals should be, but with a little twist.  The little twist being all the meat, cheese, and comfort, to make the week seem a bit more enjoyable.


All fun and games during the winter season, until of course the detox came into play.  Which is exactly what I needed.  A detox to rid habits, foods, and cravings that came about more often.  Not that I couldn’t enjoy those delicious pastas and meats, but I think a calling to Nature’s food was in full blown with Spring


My favorite were the smoothies, and I am happy to say that I have I have kept it up beyond my detox!  Instead of my breakfast of bread, butter, and eggs, I transitioned into a vegan green smoothie lover.  I never thought that would happen, since to be quite honest, I’ve done detoxes before and the whole drink for breakfast thing never stuck.  Maybe it’s the fact I can make it myself? The beauty in the colors?  Whatever it is, I’m going to make it last for awhile I think.



Simple dinners also played a huge role as well.  Quinoa and roasted vegetables are something I would gladly do at least once of week with PLENTY of leftovers for lunch as well.  Pretty much how I started really learning to cook, I’m glad to revisit.  The basics of cutting veggies, roasting, and making a filling easy meal.


Early mornings.  So close, but yet so far.  If you known me for a while, to say I’m not the biggest sleeper is an understatement.  While I envy those who can fall asleep by 9/10, to get those precious eight hours in, I also love the fact I am an early a bird regardless of the very minimum I get of sleeping beauty.  Yet, I have found myself wanting more.  More sleep and even earlier mornings.  Think it can be done?  I shall keep you updated.


Can we talk about the warmer weather?  At first, I looked at it as a tease.  It was making me miss my palm trees way too much.  I don’t get impressed too easily either.  BUT, I will say it has motivated me to get more into the swing of things.  A little more activity and natural vibes.  I’m starting to remember my love for minimalism all over again.




And now….

A little recipe, almost to easy to even call it that.  Whether on a detox or not, it’s perfect for a when you need a little more than a smoothie or juice.  Especially, when you have leftovers of quinoa that needs to be eaten.  My real motivation.

IMG_2385Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 tbs chia seeds
  • cinnamon
  • fruit (I incorporated frozen mixed berries and mango)
  • 1 spoon almond butta

Mix the quinoa, milk, chia seeds, and cinnamon.  Let sit for about 20 minutes to allow quinoa and chia seeds to absorb the liquid.  Top as you please!


PS.  I really need some new bowls.

Fear of an Open Wound


So many of us have some kind of fear.  Heights, closed spaces, needles, clowns.  It’s something that no matter how many times someone can convince us otherwise, sometimes even prove, we can never get over it.  That feeling of your heart pounding, just even at the thought, will have you thinking again about facing those fears.

When I was a little girl, I remember riding my bike down the sidewalk right in front of our house.  Like many kids, I fell off my bike and didn’t land as gracefully as anyone hoped.  On my left arm, my elbow slashed the concrete, right away giving the sight of raw white skin and blood.  Hysterical and scared, I had help getting cleaned up, moving on from one of many traumatizing moments as a kid.  Well, 20 years later, I write this with a pretty big scar, skin protruding irregular, on my left elbow.

I did get back on my bike, several in fact.  Always cautious never to fall and always stayed within my own quiet neighborhood.  Slowly, but surely, my urge to get back on slowly drifted away.  It could have been the fact that I grew out of it, I moved to a more urban area, hell, I had my own car!  What I can definitely say now, is I don’t really have the urge to ride a bike again.  Walking, running, or driving, I have what I need to get the exercise and transportation that I would ever want.

This is where my fear of an open wound comes in.  This is not about how a little girl fell off her bike, but how a young woman had her heart broken.


My ladies, my gentlemen, have you ever felt that?  That searing pain in your heart, that then runs through your whole body?  You spend nights crying yourself asleep, or in solitude, just thinking about everything that you shouldn’t be thinking about.  Whether from a lover, a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, or friend.  You gave your all to someone, your heart, and they let it fall to bruise, or even worse, to break.  Leaving you with an open wound.  Do you know that feeling?  It fucking sucks.

How do you get over it?  Do you just let yourself feel for a bit? Wallow in that pain and pity?  I say you do.  I say it’s very necessary to feel that pain, and really get to know it’s capabilities over you.  Because, only till you understand what it can do to you, then you can overcome it.  Too many times you hear that people change, or that it’s already been a good amount of time for you to move on.  But I say, let yourself be the judge of that.  Busy up that time with only experiences and thoughts that make you feel wonderful.  They say those open wounds are great, for they allow new experiences to come through.  I like to say that’s true.  That one day, a new understanding, a new relationship, can help heal in the best possible way.  From the inside-out.

Your guard, keep it up.  High enough, for one who is meant to do whatever it takes to break it down, or just enough so you can peak over, and maybe check out who’s on the other side.  Don’t ever expect certain actions from others, but stay true to how you want to be treated.  Stand up for your beliefs, but understand your beliefs will make or break you, and no one else.  By that I mean, your beliefs may never get through some people, but that doesn’t mean maybe one day acceptance can not be the belief you both share.

I write this for those who still feel that pain, that fear.  That person or image that comes in your head, and still has your heart pounding.  Keep it in.  Let it out.  Forgive and don’t forget.  Do whatever it is you need to do.  I promise, I won’t tell you how long you got.  One day, you’ll surprise yourself.  With acceptance, you may never ride a bike again.  With strength, you will find another way to get wherever you desire to be.

Oh, and don’t forget to hug and be forever grateful for the people who take that ride with you.  The family and friends who are there will make for necessary, unforgettable experiences to let in.


The fastest way to freedom is to feel your feelings. ~Gita Bellin

When In Doubt, Keep It Going


Just keep GOING.

Seriously, that is the message I have for you and myself.

As part of human nature, we depend and love momentum.  A constant need and love for movement and feelings of progress.  Although, what happens when we lose it, or feel as if it is gone?

I know I am guilty of  just wanting to give up.  From coming out of an argument with loved ones, or having a sudden feeling of panic, rapidly everything you worked for seems pointless.  Unreachable.  Unimaginable.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been going through ALOT of doubt.  It usually comes out after being a little scared, nervous, or upset.  Automatically, I attack the things and people I love most.  How can I get hurt by others I care for deeply (that is called ego, discussion on that sometime soon) and then on top of that, tell myself what I love isn’t worth it?  Questioning my passions and growth being worth the work, the failures, the smiles, and the growth.  Sometimes the question turns into, “Am I even moving?”

What growth has actually happened? Regardless of what you believe in the moment, what keeps you going and smiling is helping you grow everyday.  That subject, work, or dream is worth it and tangible.  That smile you have is a constant assurance.  The feedback you receive is the reflection of your work.  That lightness in your heart, only grows when we the constant growth of love.  Love of family, work , and your own being.

We always hear how to never give up or to get back up when you fall.  But, growing up.. there are times when you do need to let go.  Letting go is the conscious phrase for quit.  Because when you let go, you are letting go of what doesn’t serve you.  When you quit, you quit a habit, a job, a dream.

So when you feel doubtful, stuck, or unsure of your passions, stay in the feelings a little longer if you must, maybe cry a bit.  And then, let them go.  Because what you want will always come back to you.  Passions are inescapable.  Almost like love.  That feeling lingers forever.  And if it’s something you care for deeply, that made you work harder, smile brighter, and left you to be a better person, then maybe it is the best thing for you.  So move on, and keep it going.


How to Get Over Being Busy. Now.


You know those days.. weeks?  months?  Those times you can’t believe you still have enough energy to even eat.  When we really think about it, the question “How they are doing?” usually ends with busy.  Nowadays more than ever, if you aren’t busy, then your way of living is questionable.  You must have a shit-ton of loans to pay off, jobs, a family, or rather busy trying to create a family.  How did that happen?  When did we want to be so busy all the time? And to the point, that should we have a little free time, we become bored?


DIY coming up soon!

I must say that I found myself about to break last week.  I have this very bad tendency of sacrificing sleep above anything else.  I know I can function (enough for what I need) on four to six hours for a few days.  Then I crashed.  There was also a sense of guilt.  How can I neglect my passions!  Whether it’s writing this blog or thinking of new ideas and programs, I love to spend any free time I had doing it. For myself, it’s not just a hobby, but a bigger part of my life.  I didn’t remember saying everything else was more important.  This is when I stepped back and remembered, “I got this.”  This is what I want.


Sofrito for the soul

So where do we draw the line in order fit in what and who is most important to us?  When can we say stop, THIS is what I want to do?

  1.  Prioritize.  Yes, your job is important.  Your family is important.  Your health is important.  Your passions are important.  But, I might go further to say what will sustain you.  What will give you that balance?  A job does provide money for food and shelter, whether for just yourself or anyone else.  So, first accept that you do what you can to get what you need.  Then stop.  Work your ass off and breathe.  Because, at the end of the day you probably have a few other things that you want to get done, even experience.
  2. Find something you enjoy.  And become good at it.  This is one key to being happy by yourself, with yourself, and for yourself.  Become good at something that makes you want to work hard and find time to do this new hobby/side-hustle/art.  Whether it be as simple as reading a book, to a whole new yoga practice.  You will find yourself working just as hard on other priorities and love being able to come back to that.  You can keep busy doing what you love.  Who knew?
  3. Let it go.  This seems to work for almost anything.  As a culture, the goal is to do better, stay focused, and stay busy.  Even I at times find myself thinking, “Ok, now what?”  That’s when it’s time to say, “Yes!” and enjoy a good old comedy show.  It actually feels great.  There is always something to do, but sometimes it’s best to just hang out.  Laugh with others or to yourself watching something good.  If you feel you can do a little more, but still want to just relax, Pinterest!  Ideas and creativity while in your sweatpants is always a great thing.
  4. Start with yourself.  Don’t wait for anything or anyone. Eat well and get sleep.  Everyone has short-comings  when they become busy and mine is the latter.  These two things alone help me stay focus on busy days and enjoy life how I like the other days.  Staying focus helps you understand what has to be done and what you want to do, which really comes down to how you want to feel.

Nobody wants to feel too busy they can’t find time for what they love.  And when you do find the time, you don’t want to feel anything other than happy and relaxed.  This is for you not to forget about what’s important.  In kindergarden we have nap time and snack time.  As adults, we have me-time.  Let’s get back to that!




February Intentions


My dears,

It’s one month in, into the New Year.  How’d it go for you? How are you feeling?  Nothing is getting me more excited than this month of February.  My January, I must admit, did not go exactly as planned, but I must say there was a lot of realizations, acceptance, patience, and prep.  Preparations to new beginnings.

Emotions and adjustments were big as well.  For one, it’s cold.  I told myself I would not complain about it, because in the end I did make the conscious decision to leave behind my palm trees and humidity.  I do become a little uneasy when 50 degrees is considered warm, as I am wrapped up in layers home.  Even in familiar surroundings and situations, I’ve been trying to balance work, family and friends, planning, and me-time.  Those were a few things I never had to worry about as much in the past year, so one month was perfect to take it all in.

Regardless, trying to enjoy my time in general is taking priority.  If you can not do it all, take advantage of what you can.  Starting small is where I’m at.  Day trips!  New places to eat!  Taking advantage of snow days in to reorganize, get cozy, and get a little more acquainted with yourself.  Anyone already planning their vacations?  I love hearing people setting dates!  It’s the commitment to enjoy a little something more.

The best part?  Working is becoming more and more something I enjoy.  Everything from my full-time job to making my start at a new part-time.  You guys!  This blog!  I’ve been enjoying it all, the commitments, improvements, and dedication.

If you can say it was about the same for yourself, do not be surprised.  We have a New Moon coming up, and it is the start of the Lunar New Year!  So all those plans of January?  Maybe new opportunities, starts of new promotions, are going hopefully take off this month.  Make sure to make room for them.  Clear/clean it up.  Let go of those things, people, and emotions that did not work you.  Take pride in your living situation and make it beautiful.  Think of this as a start to Spring cleaning, inside and out.



Keep on with the intentions, adventures, and revolutions, it’s only the beginning!




P.S.  I know this post is lacking on the pic department, I feel as if I’m missing something.  What do you think?  I’m still having web issues, so hopefully by next post I have it fixed up.  Just another intention 😉

My “Nothing is Forever” Relocation


It’s about time, right?!  I hope you all had an amazing holiday and New Year!  I am finally back and even if I’m not ready, I’m just going to do it anyway.  That is this post!  I am back to the cold weather and back to work!

I had to say goodbye to the beauty of Florida on New Years Day.  Not the easiest of decisions I’ve had to make.  My palm trees and warm sun are a thing of the past, but made up an experience I never want to forget.  From my family with me there and the amazing people I met through it all, my time in Florida is truly something I want to hold close.


Even though I did not think it would be forever, I did think it would a bit longer.  Long enough to make a living, friendships, and travels to a few more places in the sunshine state.  I may not have gotten those exact things, but I did get something much greater.  I realized what I wanted to do for a living and made relationships with people that I know  will last for longer time than I would have imagined.  I realized how I want to feel.  And, as far as home?  Home is where the heart is and mine stayed in Jersey.  Although, now I can say an important part is now in Florida.

What helped make my decision?  One part was what was gained.  A new perspective and realizing the difference between what I want and what is best (it’s not always the same).  Another part was realizing what I lost.  That part of my soul that believed in what connected all of us, such as the power of smile.


So, New Jersey became home once again, and probably for awhile.  Yet, nothing is forever.  When asked if I was here for good by a coworker, all I could really get out was “For now, yea.”

I never thought anyone should feel ashamed for something not working out.  Life is full of mistakes and full of lessons, but hey, we did it and if you’re reading this, you are still here!  Still able to make a ton more of great decisions, good and bad.  Whether anything from a relationship to a job, it happened for a reason, and most likely, you learned a hell of a lot from it.  That’s what I am saying to myself.  I learned, I accepted, and I am moving on.

So here’s to a new year, a new start, and a new part to a never ending adventure.



P.S.  But until death do us part, family, friends and food… that’s forever shit 😉