Making Inspirations into Realities


Sidewalk inspiration by Emma of Tampa, Florida.

We all love those morning mantras or Monday motivations.  Those little doses of inspiration to get our gears going into action.  Anytime of day, I say we could use some of those quotes.  Some stick with us more than others, to soon shape our whole perspective.

But how do you see those coming to be?  The mantras that give you that “aha” moment, do you really see them in your everyday life.  How do you incorporate ways to fit them in?

Lately, I’ve been in a little funk.  Not terrible, but enough to make me go, “No, you have a dream, you have a goal, so be there.”  Questions on what is my next step came up.  How can I show up? How can I be there in the most authentic way to show others what I believe?  Will I embrace the connections that have shown up themselves? More than ever I have questioned is this what I want to be doing right now.

“Just question if you still love what you once loved.” ~Danielle LaPorte

There are times the universe controls what happens, but there are times you need to make the happens in the universe.

Here are some steps to making those inspirations become your reality.

1.  Where were you three years ago, and where are you now?  Take any perspective you like.  But, don’t sugar coat it.  Do have a different job?  Different partner?  Newly Single?  Newly open?  For me, I found myself almost in the same exact place.  Same job, same house, most of same friends.  Inside, I am actually trying to get right back where I was before too.  Can you believe it?  I want the same openness.  I want the practice and commitment.

2.  How can you make it different?  Yes you can be in that same job, but are you in a different position or more goal-oriented?  Can you take living in the same place, but take random weeks to make up for the adventure?  That’s exactly what I did.  Taking a spontaneous trip, to do almost the same as what I’ve could have done home… was one of the better decisions I made in a while.  You can get out of your comfort zone and still do what comforts you!

3.  What ways will you practice?  When you look at an amazing liner, write down how you can or have made it happen. Try saying to yourself, “Fuck yea.  This is what’s gonna go down now!” I have this amazing planner that helps me with that.  Everyday I use it, to figure out what I can change or do, to make that mantra come to life.

So much easier said than done.  The funks and rough patches might seem they are coming up more often than you prefer.  But, after a while, I guarantee it’s because you are thinking more frequently of having those inspirations become a reality.

“Do stuff.  Be clenched, curious.  Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead.  Attention is vitality.  It connects you with others.  It makes you eager.  Stay eager.” 

~ Susan Sontag


Heart out. Power within. {Uncensored. Unedited}


You know those moments or times when you can’t catch a break?

Something great might come up, new opportunities and possibilities, new friends and loves that come through.  It’s uplifting.  Motivating and inspiring for many.  You yourself become inspired by your own actions and story.

Then all of a sudden, or slowly and steady, things change.  Maybe, you find that amazing job not to be what you expected.  You feel let down by possibilities that you know are gone.  Life becomes not only hard, but confusing once more.  Why?

I figured out a couple of reasons:

1.  What’s meant to be, will be.  The universe is good and frustrating like that.  Life happens. Shit happens.  And it’s always for a reason.

2.  You learn to love no matter what.


That one is my personal struggle.  We become sad.  We feel a sense of hopelessness and loneliness.  Does anyone really get it?  How much we believe in ourselves and others? Only to be let down?  How is that fair?!  Just like that we become angry and spiteful.  I don’t know about you, but I literally start to say, “Fuck You! I will become amazing!  Beautiful and successful! And I won’t need you, or this job, or this money to make it happen!”

Then, I remember my past.  Then, I remember yoga.  Then, I repeat my beliefs.

My past reminds me being that bitch didn’t help to become happier or successful.  Shutting myself out from the world didn’t make me a better person.  What happened, happened for a reason, and for that I am grateful.  But, I know that’s where I should leave it.


My yoga practice has been my rock.  It teaches me to breath.  That’s number one.  It gives me something other than money, family, men, and other nonsense to focus on.  Yoga reminds me of my beliefs.

My beliefs to find the good in others, including the hardest person, myself.  This world is amazing.  I am amazing.  Dreams do come true.  Love comes for an hour or a lifetime.  I am never alone because there is someone who loves me,..  parents, siblings, dog, a child.  We are human with basic needs.  And we all strive for the same thing, happiness.  The connection that brings us all together.  Which is once again yoga, the union. Which is the universe, and it has a plan for us.

I’m learning as best I can (I want to say fast and gracefully, but that would be a lie) that it will come back together.  Life goes on.  And how amazing to say that I am 25 years old, and as long as I don’t die tomorrow, I have my whole life to do what I love, be with who I love, and change the world, or just one life.

How will that happen?  I hate saying it.  It’s much easier for me to type that actually do, because it’s ACTION.  It’s the hunger and hustle.  What I needed and got over and over was tough love.  I hated it, and sometimes I still do.  But, now I am oh so grateful for it.  I made several changes over the last couple months, and did somethings that I know would have never crossed my mind only three months back.

One of them was give up my practice.  And, I think that’s the tough love I need back in my life.  Because I know now, it will speak to me differently, or at least I hope.  I want that discipline back.  The one that would make time for something that was good for me.  I want to kick my own ass in a new way now.  Not with deprivation, but with nourishment.  I didn’t take this break as a failure, but a reminder.  I am allowed to love how I want to love.  I love my practice with ease and perseverance.  Even though, I wasn’t able to do it by myself, I will gladly take the guidance from those who are there to teach.


So let’s just remember.  To each there own, but I do hope yours is filled with the love and faith everyone deserves to have.

Like a warrior.  Heart out, power within.


Step 1: Set Your Intention


So, did you think I would forget?  It’s the beginning of October and Fall is still fresh.  A new season can sometimes signify almost a new year for some.  For me, I see a new year of schedules, planning, and time to really start over.


I always see Fall as a way to remember why I started.  Yes, it is not like spring where plants come alive, and creatures and being alike come out to play.  Fall, as I said before, is the best time to rid and create space.  The perfect time to really just dig deep and rid that bullshit.  Whether it’s toxic chemicals to toxic emotions, we want to start a transitioning season in the best possible way.

When we hear of cleansing or detoxing, it’s safe to say most of us think about 2 things first: food and weight.  I would like to help transition that, because not for nothing, those are two things that most of think about everyday.  I want to think of a clean slate, a new beginning, and not only a healthy beautiful body, but a healthy mind and beautiful soul.  To be quite honest, you can’t obtain such health and beauty with your body, if the inside is still needs a little more love and help.  This is why the first step to any cleanse is your intention.


When first starting anything, whether a new routine, job, or practice, we usually start off with why.  Why are we starting yoga?  Why did we start a new job or career?  Why did we decide to eat healthier?  Why did we decide to leave a toxic relationship?  Our why’s may all be different, but there are things that we will all have in common.  We are ready for a change and we are ready for our transition.  Once you decide it, you are ready.  It takes a lot of cojones to even tell your mind such things.  We decide to leave the comfort of what has been and really dive into uncharted territory.  Who are we to decide we want to change such a big part of our lives?

IMG_6301I know for me.  This takes a lot.  To say I tend to be a bit scattered and doubtful, can sometimes be an understatement.  Recently deciding to leave a job I had secured for half of my working life, for another unsure part-time job, wasn’t easy.  And to be quite honest, still isn’t.  But, I decided regardless of the fact that it wasn’t the “ideal” job for a girl my age and circumstance, it was a change.  Once thing I desperately needed.  To get out of my comfort zone, to get out of my bubble, and try something new.  I guess you can say that intention was for a change of atmosphere.

So, now I talk to you about your intention for your detox or cleanse.  If you are interested, what are you trying to get out of it? When things get hard, what do you want to feel?  Maybe it can be you want more energy or shed a couple of fast pounds.  Would you consider a new lifestyle?  A new way to approach a different, healthier way of living?  Strength? This could really be your intention for the season.


For myself, I want to feel light again.  Not so much physically, but more mentally and emotionally.  When things get rough, make it light.  When something might seem hard and you struggle, take it lightly.  Sometimes my emotions and mentality get a hold of me.  I want to learn and be reminded to say it with a whisper, and to listen to what might be too soft to hear.  When a posture gets tough, take it lightly.  If and when I do my cleanse, I want to rid those toxins within that essentially may way me down, that have my energy moving to others places that don’t benefit me or my surroundings.  It always comes from within.


Of course, this is something you may do every week, but I bring it up now as a commitment.  I believe now is the perfect time to dig deep.  Let the Fall colors warm you and it’s chill breeze awaken you!  




Please feel free to comment or share what might call to you.  Your intention for the season or week!! What will be your Monday Mantra???



A Constant Reminder

Good morning lovelies!

I hope you all had a good nights rest and ready for the day.  Can you believe February’s over??? I can not.  My life is flashing before my eyes.  I am getting old, which obviously means my grandma status is getting more and more acceptable.  Oh yeaaa!

Yesterdays eats:


I tried to make breakfast a little different.  Banana whipped oats… with dates and sunflower seed butter 🙂 Seriously, a delicious change.  I don’t use sunflower seed butter a lot, but I was definitely craving it in the morning.  This actually lasted me almost 5 hours.  Gotta love that!


IMG_5642Working during lunch and dinner time really puts a damper on cooking.  It also creates a monster within me because I was ravenous!  I didn’t eat till 3pm, but for me, 1pm is ideal.  Here I added quinoa to the soup, made a side salad with some avocado and Newman’s Italian dressing, and some bread.  I ended up eating the other half of my avocado with the bread at the end.  It’s probably one of the best combinations. Ever.  Snack was an orange.


My Mantra

So after I wrote about how I might have to slow down, or let something go, I set myself a mantra at yoga that day.  A mantra is an intention that one uses for their practice/life.  It may be something they would like to feel, experience, or remind themselves.  It may also be a dedication towards another person.  When you say it to yourself, most likely you will start to feel or do it.  My mantra:

It is enough.

Being able to only stretch so far .  It is enough.  Putting down one of my books for a few weeks.  Two is enough.  Doing 30 minutes of school work some days.  It is enough.  Not going to #yogaeverydamnday.  Thrice is enough.  Going out once a week.  It is enough.  Getting six hours of sleep a night.  It is enough (for me).  Not being able to cook all week.  Well, at least I still ate.  That is enough.

I’m trying to learn that doing a little bit can still have great benefits.  It becomes almost progression every time.  I’ve always had this all or nothing mentality.  That if I can only do a little, then I might as well not bother.  When I get annoyed, discouraged, or upset about what I need to accomplish, knowing that I was able to dedicate some of my time towards whatever it is, I just remind myself, well, that was enough.  Hopefully, I am blessed with another day, another week, to do whatever it is I please.

IMG_5645Enjoying my morning everyday.  Damn right that’s enough!

Enjoy your day (maybe weekend) beautiful people!



Right Now

Good Morning beauties!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was pretty good, if I say so myself.   Another weekend filled with friends, family, and food, it was my kind of weekend.

Here’s the foodie part (just some of my favs)

IMG_5183Sprouted english muffin, peanut butter, banana, cinnamon.  An oldie but a goodie.

IMG_5197This cute little whole in the wall Mexican place by my house. I went with my grandparents.   I think I need to go there one more time, to give some review.  The place is too cute though!

IMG_5209This “Ayurvedic” tea blend my friend had.  She is a tea lovaa and what a coincidence she had tea of my love.  Really cinnamony with a hint of sweetness.  I have to buy this and know what it is!

IMG_5217Brunch ala Yesi!  Sauteed kale, onions, garlic, fried egg, tomato sauce, and cilantro with sprouted muffin topped with avocado on the side.  So yummy!  I wiped that plate clean!

IMG_5226Dinner with the grandparents.  Grandma made Spanish Style Brown Rice!!! I was so happy!  With vegan pasteles and avocado, divine!  (plus one more pastel 😉

IMG_5231Oatmeal with a friend!  Yay!  I though it be a special occasion and bought out the works for the toppings.  I had to show her how oatmeal is done in this casa.

IMG_5233Sunflower butter and apple cranberry butter for moi.

Right Now

With nights out like these, with family and friends, I can’t help but notice how my mood is always so much better when with others.  Lately, I have fallen into a trap of worrying, analyzing, and repetitive thinking when just me.  Even in yoga, it’s been harder to concentrate on what is going on NOW.  What I am supposed to be doing and thinking about NOW.  Not what is going to happen, or even worse, predicting what will happen.  I’ve been trying to keep up with my book, A New Earth.  The author is deep, wise, and sometimes confusing.  If my mind isn’t solely on the book, I can easily loose what is going on.  Just that alone makes me focus on the one thing, right now.  My life is far from set, I try to plan, and get back on track, but then you know what happens?  Shit happens.  I guess it’s harder because when with others, I put on that smile, that calmness, but with myself no need to.  So my mind wanders and thinks not so great thoughts.  You’re ego loves it.

So my goal for the week, my mantra, my intention, is to focus on now.  What I am doing now, what needs to be done now, and just to be the witness of my thoughts.  That is something I learned in yoga, and can’t help but notice how true it is.  To be honest, right Now is never the “problem.”  It’s usually the past and future.  I just have a “problem” with the future I guess.

So to make the right now a little better:

1.  Be a witness to your thoughts and feelings.  Accept them.  Move on.

IMG_5234(I am not suggesting alcohol, but rather enjoyment with just you)

2.  Fake it till you make it.  Smile randomly.  Pretend for a little that you are spreading positivity to the world and others around you, even when it’s just yourself there.


I hope you guys have a great start to the week!



Monday Morning Mantra

Good morning all you beautiful people!

I hope you’re weekend was spectacular.  It’s officially Christmas season to me.  Even the the weather would like to prove otherwise, I don’t care, give me my cookies, decorations, and frivolous spending.  For once on a Monday, I don’t feel as if I have to catch you up on much.  Let’s take it slow, shall we?


Not that all eventful.  It consisted of repeats of bikram yoga, work, and food.





Exceptionally awesome.  I slept in a little later (hello 7am) and took my time with morning routines.


A little cleaning and church, I knew I was up to a good start.  Even the dreary weather didn’t get in the way of my plans for the day.  I reloaded my energy with 5 of these:


Tostones!!! Freshly fried after church snack (or lunch, it really filled me up!)  If you don’t know about these lovely Latin American snack, let me tell you about it so you may go and get them ASAP.  It’s traditionally made with platanos (plantains), but my grandma also makes it with pana, another root vegetable.  You slice them up a little think, flatten them, and fry them.  Put some salt while the are still hot and BAM! awesome snack! Typically you can have a little garlic oil on top, or the Puerto Rican American way, with ketchunayse (ketchup and mayo).  Personally, I love the pana.  It’s soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.  Love ❤

My dad was in the mood for some Peruvian food, so he offered me to get some meat from Whole Foods so that maybe I can have some.  Holllaaaa!  I’ve actually been craving some peruvian food too, so this worked out perfectly.  I wish I took a picture of it when I went, but I really just enjoyed my time shopping there.  I didn’t worry about too much about the money.  I’ve been  good all week and thought what better way to indulge, than at Whole Foods?


This my dears, is Lomo Saltado.  A traditional Peruvian dish.  I think my dad makes it the best.  I really never seem to have it when we go out, not even when I ate meat like that.  Why would I?  Layered with organic brown rice (not gonna front, better with white rice), grass-fed pasture-raised beef sauteed with onions and tomatoes, and organic fries on top.  Absolutely lovely… with a glass of wine of course 😉


Guys, I am a total foodie at heart.  I love to eat.  I love culture.  I embrace my back-round and where my family came from.  I lead a plant-based diet 90% of the time, simply because I do not agree with the “normal” way of eating.  I love vegetables, whole-grains, and home-made meals as well.  Organic local food makes my heart skip a beat.  My body feels better when living such a diet.  Yet, being able to eat meat that was raised organically, ethically, and humanely, makes me feel blessed.  I’m not ungrateful or a glutton about it.  I observe my choice, give gratitude, and savor it.

One day, when I travel the states, or travel the world, I may not have the luxury of choice or knowledge about where my food came from, but that’s going to be the beauty of it.  You experience everyday as something new.  Days like yesterday symbolize passion and adventure.  From eating tostones, lomo, and simple ice cream one day, to oatmeal and soups the next.  You live it up when you can and enjoy it.  I mostly reference food, for that is what I love.  It may be the same as going out for the night or taking a 1 day road trip or reading all day.  Whatever float yo boat!

This Monday Morning Mantra is to embrace it.  Embrace the goals and the work that has to be done.  Embrace the routines of your week.  Embrace the simplicity of the food.


The end result is always so much sweeter that way.


Peace out peeps!






Taking it Slow…. and Some Food Porn

Helloooo World!

It’s been awhile, no?  You know when those lazy days take over, and you just want to not worry about a few things for a little?  That was me last weekend and the past couple  of days.  I think I was just so exhausted from everything I was trying to do, that I was not wanting to worry about anything over the weekend.  It’s been kind of hard to get back on track, but I’m still taking in my mantra of discipline.  Slowly but surely, I plan to do what I got to do without burning myself out.

I wasn’t sure if I should just recapture some of the amazing food I’ve been enjoying or just yesterday’s eats.  I’d figure I haven’t been around for awhile, let me at least share some badass comida.














Last nights dinner simply roasted.

Last nights dinner simply roasted.

I hoped you enjoy this.  Just to show you, I’m alive busy with school, work, and applications, but still baking, enjoying food, leftovers, and detoxing everyday (water with lemon).

I feel we need a yoga post soon!  Something’s on my mind!

Enjoy your Wednesday people!