Getting Back on My Mat


No matter what it takes.

With everything that has been occurring around me and the changes that have taken place within me, the one that has been affected the most is my yoga practice. I wish I could say it has been a change for the better, but not quite.

For almost four years, I have held a more consistent yoga practice.  I loved to go to the studio and take my classes.  I would practice before and after the classes.  When it was beautiful out, I would take my practice outside, or keep it cozy indoors during the winter.  Even when times where tough (read: I was broke), I would make it a point to always practice in the morning. When I would sleep in at 7 a.m. (yes, that was sleeping in), morning samaskaras still took place.  At least three.

Now I can say my yoga practice is a whole two minutes.  In bed.  I achieve a full childs pose to downward dog, and maybe a few wind release poses.  My meditation is well, nonexistent.  I try… sometimes.  It’s so hard lately!!!

Should I go through my excuses?

  1. I just washed my hair today.
  2. I haven’t been out all day, I’m not leaving my house now.
  3. It’s raining outside.
  4. I’m bloated.
  5. I’m still full from breakfast.
  6. I’m hungry
  7. Maybe tomorrow.
  8. I don’t know/I don’t like this teacher
  9. I overslept.

IMG_9558I even carried this baby around the airport

Lame.Lame.Lame.  Is that what you read?  I wouldn’t blame you.

These are mostly my excuses for not going to class.  The ones for not actually practicing at all are a bit more lame.

What I need is a “Get it togetha, sista!!”  I am a fucking yogi.  And no, going to class won’t prove that.  But making the effort and actually getting on my mat will.  That’s the best part.  You got on your mat.  You are going to practice YOUR practice.  Take what you learn on your mat, and put it towards everyday life.  BOOM.  Welcome to the life of a yogi.


I guess this goes with any practice or activity.  To actually do it.  Take that 2 mile run to start.  Get that gym membership.  Try those new work out DVDS that really kick your ass.

Seriously.  I noticed more than ever, it’s just about getting back on my mat.  I never understood that sitting in class, hearing the teacher state that.  I took my mat out of my trunk after three weeks.  After giving it a good cleaning,  I can’t wait to roll it out in a studio.  Yet, I know it starts home.  So what I really can’t wait for is to wake up at 6am and hopefully by 7am, begin my home yoga practice….  This is ambitious.  Although, even if I wake by 7, I hope to get some sort of meditation practice in.  Baby steps.  It’s only yoga.

It’s the yoga that keeps me active.  It’s the yoga that keeps me humble.  It’s the yoga that keeps me balanced.  It’s the yoga that keeps me motivated to learn.  It will always be my own yoga practice.


where perfection does not exist ❤




Inspired By…..

Inspiration is something I know to be everywhere.  Even with this knowledge, I still find it’s hard see sometimes, even most of the time…

This is a draft I have had for over a month now.  That first paragraph (of two sentences) is all I got up too.  I decided to keep it as a way of picking up where I left off.  I would usually say start over, start a new, another beginning… blabla lala.  In reality, tomorrow I will still be going to the same job, living in the same predicament, and going to a hot yoga class that I now only attend twice a month.

Although, right now, as I’m typing and writing, I’m pretty fucking excited.

“Just question if you still love what you once loved” ~ Danielle LaPorte

And so I did just that.  And I realized, I still love so much.  Despite the hardships, betrayals, curveballs, and disappointments, I wanted to say that’s not me.

I still find myself looking at food blogs, pinning beautiful food photography, reading up on the latest health trends, and treat myself to a green juice/smoothie a couple times a week.

I don’t go to yoga class 3 or 4 times a week anymore, but every other day, I still find myself practicing bakasana (crow) out of nowhere.  Then I say to myself I’m practicing savasana when I spend those extra five minutes in bed 😉

Experimenting with my look through hair, make up, and fashion,  It’s something I actually admire in most, and then pretend I’m a bit of a fashionista myself.

I think about writing in this little space of the internet I can call my own.  I say to myself “That would make an awesome topic!” And then, I don’t write anything….

So I am offering myself a change, step by step.  It’s not so much figuring out what it is I want to do with my life, but rather how the hell I’m going to do it.  If anyone will tell you, that’s the real struggle I face.  I couldn’t be more scared and happy to put it out there as I take a journey back.  Yes, I’m moving a backwards to help to move forward.  More yoga, more vegetables, more meditation, less laziness (I shall admit my faults), more writing, cooking, and passion.  I miss my fucking passion.

I’ll admit as well I’m a dreamer, that over the last few months I tried to step away from. But, I think I’m ready to pick it back up.  To pick myself back up.

My love and imperfection.  For all the beautiful souls that I know and do not know.










March Happenings

Good morning!

So I thought I share with you some cool, yummy, funny, but mostly yummy photos.  March was the month I decided to turn my life around and do what I love, so why not share it over breakfast?


And I say breakfast, because I’ve been utterly obsessed with a good one all month long.  What started as a way to kick my sugar habit, has become one of my favorite breakfasts to enjoy.  Eggs please!  Mostly sunny side up, I love me a good yolk.



I made it a point to go out or even just hang out with some important people in my life.  Family and friends.  Sometimes it’s not all about food and 10pm bedtimes.


Except when it comes to birthdays.  Because cakes and cupcakes are a must.  It was my momma’s birthday this month and since she is kind of the bestest in the whole wide world, surprise cupcakes while she worked seemed necessary.  These were from Whole Foods Market.  They kind of tasted like cornbread?  But in the best possible way.

IMG_5741Chipotle Sofritas

Basically one of the best vegan options a fast food place can ever make in the middle of Jersey.  It’s the meat subsitute Chipotle has now and it’s so good.  I didn’t  notice they had it until they made my whole bowl.  Well, the lady must have saw me when it caught my eye, so she offered to plop it on.  That was before I knew they would charge you for guacamole now…..


These are a few of my favorite things… Actually, it’s just one, and that’s the sun.  Let’s restyle this and pretend there are sandals and a maxi skirt being modeled.  Hopefully in one month, the sun will be able to give my toes the tan they deserve, until then, flats and pants it is.


I got a new car, and decided to pimp it out like any real yogi would 🙂

How I let the world (or my humble amount of followers in social media) that I’m ready to go on in life being who I am and doing what I love.  Of course, it’s always going to be a work in progress, just like my yoga, it’s a practice.  All I hope for is a semi-graceful fall,  so I can always get back up and try again.




Preparing for a Spring Detox

IMG_4328Transition Time

So, the weather seems to be warming up in my part of town!  I’m hoping for no more below freezing temperatures and longer days.  Daylight savings, you may come now.

I know for myself, it has been a brutal winter for me to keep up with most of my better habits.  First with holiday festivities, cold weather winter meals, and cozy beds tempting you stay asleep a little bit longer, I feel for you.   And do not even get me started with the “snow days.”  With the slight signs of warmer weather and longer days, I am hoping certain habits will come easier for both you and me, and by hoping, I mean they will!  I am ready for some lean greens, juices, sun, light clothing (read minimal clothing), and early wake up calls!  So I am going to let the lighter fairs, juices, and early wakeup calls help me out towards minimal clothing 🙂  So where do we begin?

I was doing some bedtime reading yesterday, and something caught my eye.  I am reading “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” and I came across an idea that I think pertained to preparing for a detox.

“The impure mind reads it from the wrong angle.  So the mind mud be pure.  It is all well and good to learn the different methods of meditation and the experiences that could come to you.  But if you are really serious about the business and really want to go deep into meditation, take care to have a clean mind.  Otherwise, you are not going to get it.”  Book 1, Sutra 46

Spiritually, when we meditate, we do with the intention that something will happen.  I guess you can say nothing.  With a pure mind, we get the most out of our actions and main goal.  This is not just in meditating, but anything we do that may be challenge for us.  The only way to get through a detox and actually get something out of it, is to prepare.  Mentally and physically we need to get ourselves ready for what lies ahead.

1497484_265657860250472_327101097_nDetox Preparation 

Mentally and/or spiritually, we have to have our intentions straight.  My favorite, and my usual, is to heal my body through the removal of ama(toxins) naturally with minimal effort.  I myself do not want to feel tired and overwhelmed during the detox and do not want my body to work hard to cleanse itself.  Essentially, that is what a detox is, to give your gut a break so your body may focus on doing it’s main function, which is cleanse itself!  When you feel good and do good.

My second reason, and probably the reason for most, is too lose that extra winter layer or at least get a headstart. If you experienced a colder winter, your body is probably already telling you it’s time for a change.  It’s time for good food, sweat, and crop tops.  Yes, I like to get ahead myself, summer is my true love.

Physically, it is a bit tough.  Although you may want to eat and drink what you like until a detox, chances are that it is not a good decision.  When you over indulge before the detox, food can act like a drug.  You will go through withdrawal during your cleanse.  Your body will be craving with more intensity all those foods you left behind so sudden.  Whether your demise may be caffeine, sugar, bread, or all of the above, back away for the next few weeks slowly.  Maybe limit the coffee to a few times a week or once a day.  Cut sugar out during breakfast.  Fill up on cooked hearty vegetable.  Work out a few times a week, which is my hardest part.  Your body and mind will be in the right place to change and get the maximum benefit without “struggle”.

Even when you start to doubt yourself, can’t make it all the way, or “cheat”, when you have the right intention, and good feeling, you cleanse just by leaving that stress behind.  Did you know that stress wreaks havoc internally?  So be kind and gentle with yourself.  Accept what you are able to do.  If you go into a challenge ready, most likely you will succeed.  Compare it to a sport.  You train and become prepared for an event or match.  Afterwards, whether you won or lost, if you gave it your best effort, you feel good.  Because, regardless you were in a good state going into it.  If you want to maintain the benefits of the detox, you must stick with that, “I want to feel my best to look and do my best all the f*king time!” attitude 😉  Before and after!

So the next few weeks, I will go over some of the stuff I have been preparing.  How I’ve been trying to eat and act with a little more mindfulness, easy everyday detox ideas, and my favorite, seasonal foods!

Hope this helps to jumpstart your body to get ready for the Spring.  I usually don’t do well with change, but somehow I am always excited for any change that involves yummy foods and warm weather!


Wanderlust Block Party: Philadelphia and Restaurant Review

Good Morning ya’ll!


Happy Monday.  Can I tell you how not miserable I am about today, Monday?  After a busy and indulgent week and weekend that had past, I am ready to take it a little easier this week.  With one day off and a strict budget, I don’t have much of a choice.  Makes things a little easier, no?

 One of the things I did over the weekend, was attend my first yoga festival.  Filled with music, food stands, acrobatics (yoga, of course), and classes all day for all to attend, it was definitely an experience.  Worth the three hours to get there.  *it should have taken a little over an hour, but we like to get lost and take pit stops instead… more scenery that way 😉



The class itself was pretty different, but none the less I enjoyed it.  The music was spot on, for a good flow.  We danced (not my favorite part, but fun none the less!), supported each other (got really personal with your neighbor), and just really enjoyed ourselves.  Nothing better than yoga outdoors with an amazing community.  One of the reason I love going to these events is because once in a while, it’s great to be surrounded by very similar, like minded people.  MOST of us want to share, smile, give, and inspire.  We try so hard to get in touch with our inner feelings and heart, so that we may touch others.  Maybe in different ways, but similar in the way that a little can make a big difference.  And we are free to talk about it!  Meditate about!  Through our movements and breath we intend to do something for ourself or others and dedicate to those who truly need a little something more.   


In the madness of the world, it’s great to see those who are willing to open there hearts to something more beautiful.   



And then of course there was food.  We were a couple of  hungry yogis…



We went to a place called El Caminos Real.  I highly recommend this.  Really good food. Reasonable pricing.  And generous offers.  Alittle more than your typical tex mex place.  I think because the mexican food was a little more… mexican?  It didn’t taste cheap and typical.  The menu offers vegan, vegetarian, and even organic for there meats.  Once again, any place that does that already gets a good rating just for the options. 


IMG_1908Amazing spiced chips and generous guacamole

IMG_1914Cactus and sweet potato with crema.

IMG_1916Seitan and a bit of queso fresco.

IMG_1920Alittle bit of each with some rice and beans.  Too good.

And that is how you leave full and happy.  Yoga and mexican food.  I like to say it’s a bad-ass match-made in heaven.  

Till next time, my dears




I’ll leave you with my favorite…tumblr_mltbmhMhr91snofhpo1_500



Make It Beautiful, Make It Count

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  Are we back on our grind yet?  I know it’s already Wednesday, which means another one is around the corner.  Although, I didn’t get to enjoy mine as much as I wish I could, I did stay busy and tried to keep in mind my day off is around the corner.


Anyway, I would like to talk about pretty things.  Pretty food, pretty movements, even pretty people.  Corny?  Maybe.  But, I think it’s important.  I’ve become really partial to the idea of beauty, the past couple of years.  I try to see it in everything I do, see, and eat.

Yoga has definitely taught me the beauty of movement.  Breath is everything.  It’s how you take it all in.  What you to see your body and mind do with the help of your breath is truly eye opening.  Every posture has a meaning.  How it can effect your body and health in so many levels is amazing.  So you always try to make it worthwhile.  With no struggle.  Through difficulties, you should feel grateful, that your body can go as far as it can now.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be.  It’s not about being able to balance on your head or touch your toes, but who you are on the way there.  Do you see the beauty in each step? In each breath?


You learn to find that beauty in yourself and then towards others.  I won’t lie.  When people upset you, let you down, or do something that hurt you, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.  Even when you hear about all the crazy things that are happening in this world, recognize it and move on.  It’s not worth staying upset, it hinders everything you can be doing to make it better.  You don’t have to change the world, but you can change yours.  See beauty in who and what surrounds you.  With an open heart, you can find the good in everyone.  Or at least the acceptance.  Me personally?  I believe in the kindness of strangers, that’s how I see your beauty.


Now this is a food blog.  What kind of foodie would I be if I didn’t talk about my love for amazing nourishing food!  Lately, I’ve been really into the photography of it.  Trying really hard to make it look pretty for your eyes too.  After reading health/food blogs for 5 years, it’s something I came to admire.

I’ve also been trying to enjoy my food in peace too.  Every meal yesterday, I either shared with others or had in silence by myself.  I savored every bite and every thought that entered my mind in that time.  That is actually how one should eat.  Not only does it make you appreciate the food you are given, but helps you digest it.  You find yourself chewing more, taking your time, and being aware of what you are eating.  With that your body is able to pay more attention to the digestion process, than the emails, paperwork, or blogging (guilty) you would be doing.  Meals are actually an important sacred experience that our day in age takes for granted now.  Sit.  Appreciate.  Chew.


Till next time, sweet thangs,





Start Saluting!

Good morning loves!

This week is not passing for me.  Feels like it should be Friday already!  How has it been passing for you?  All I know is right about now, I need some coffee and croissant.  Weekend, please come and save me.


IMG_0625Granola, banana, blueberries, almond milk with a splash of coconut milk.  I was feeling a little crazy, I know.  I started drinking that muscle recovery tea again.  Muscles have been sore, tight, and/or tired, from yoga once again.


IMG_0626Veggie burger!  I tried a new kind.  In case your curious, I eat Sunshine Burgers.  They taste amazing, are pretty hardy, and have amazing ingredients in them.  Highly recommend.  Anyway, I had the chipotle loco with tomatoes and avocado.  I’m not gonna lie, I miss the cheese on my burgers.  Gonna have to fix that ASAP.  On the side (even though it looks like the main event) a hujazz kale salad massaged with sesame oil and apple cider vinegar, topped with more tomatoes, avocado, and some salt.  Twas simple and delicious


IMG_0635I was only in the mood to nosh on something other than fruit.  Usually I’m hungry for a little something by dinner time, especially having my early lunch at home.  But I was good.  Oh well, not complaining since I was at work with limited options anyway.

Sun Salutations

Lets talk about my morning routine, shall we?  When I tell people I wake up at 5 am every morning, I am usually replied with a shock/mortified/confused look.  “But, why?”  When you get to know me, you either accept it and think no big deal, or you think I’m crazy.  I’ll take either one, since really, who wants to be normal anymore?

Anyway my answer varies.  I first respond saying, I like to relax in bed with my tea and I like consistency.  I may read or write, and then eventually get s**** done.  This B is Busy.

What I really would like to say is, “I have my water with lemon.   While I drink, I start my day with gratitude by writing it down in my notebook that stays on my bed.  I start with an intention for my day and with that I start my yoga routine.”

Even though I go to a class most days of the week, EVERY morning I practice at least 10 minutes of a routine.  Usually a couple of sun salutations.  The best time of meditation is actually while the sun is rising.  I love starting my day looking out my window towards the early morning sky while doing my practice.  I start my day with the sun and I rest with the sun.  Ideally, 4:30am would be right for the summer, but I haven’t gotten to that level, YET.

Starting your day with Surya Namaskar, is a great way to appreciate a new day.  Start your movement for the day, and listening to not just what’s going on “out there”, but what’s going on “in there,”… your breath.  I know what stretches are good for me afterwards, (anything that helps with digestion, duh) and ending with some seated meditation helps remind me to stay strong and focus, since the day is here.

Sometimes, I admit, it is a little harder to get out of bed.  Which is when I stretch in my bed.  Sometimes even downward dogging it on my mattress 😉

Enjoy your day lovies,



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