February Intentions


My dears,

It’s one month in, into the New Year.  How’d it go for you? How are you feeling?  Nothing is getting me more excited than this month of February.  My January, I must admit, did not go exactly as planned, but I must say there was a lot of realizations, acceptance, patience, and prep.  Preparations to new beginnings.

Emotions and adjustments were big as well.  For one, it’s cold.  I told myself I would not complain about it, because in the end I did make the conscious decision to leave behind my palm trees and humidity.  I do become a little uneasy when 50 degrees is considered warm, as I am wrapped up in layers home.  Even in familiar surroundings and situations, I’ve been trying to balance work, family and friends, planning, and me-time.  Those were a few things I never had to worry about as much in the past year, so one month was perfect to take it all in.

Regardless, trying to enjoy my time in general is taking priority.  If you can not do it all, take advantage of what you can.  Starting small is where I’m at.  Day trips!  New places to eat!  Taking advantage of snow days in to reorganize, get cozy, and get a little more acquainted with yourself.  Anyone already planning their vacations?  I love hearing people setting dates!  It’s the commitment to enjoy a little something more.

The best part?  Working is becoming more and more something I enjoy.  Everything from my full-time job to making my start at a new part-time.  You guys!  This blog!  I’ve been enjoying it all, the commitments, improvements, and dedication.

If you can say it was about the same for yourself, do not be surprised.  We have a New Moon coming up, and it is the start of the Lunar New Year!  So all those plans of January?  Maybe new opportunities, starts of new promotions, are going hopefully take off this month.  Make sure to make room for them.  Clear/clean it up.  Let go of those things, people, and emotions that did not work you.  Take pride in your living situation and make it beautiful.  Think of this as a start to Spring cleaning, inside and out.



Keep on with the intentions, adventures, and revolutions, it’s only the beginning!




P.S.  I know this post is lacking on the pic department, I feel as if I’m missing something.  What do you think?  I’m still having web issues, so hopefully by next post I have it fixed up.  Just another intention 😉


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