Month: January 2016

Conscious Beauty: Makeup Edition


So, here is my next guilty pleasure.  Face painting I would like to call it.  Seriously though, it’s creation!

As a lover of all things holistic and natural, some may ask, “Why the makeup?”.  To be honest, it’s what makes me feel beautiful.  Sometimes, it’s fun.  Other times, it’s a confidence booster.  So, why not?  I’m a firm believer of doing what makes you feel nothing but amazing.  Whether it’s the food you eat or the clothes you wear, it’s nothing more than self expression.


Although, here is my little quirk: give me all the natural cremes, the cruelty-free lipsticks, and vegan products.  Without becoming too crazy and obsessed, these are some of the things I look for.  And to remind you: I try.  Some products I just plain love.

With my foundations, blushes and primers, I do strive for the all-natural; sometimes even organic.  Keep in mind, it takes money.  I choose my battles.  For myself, if I am going to put a product directly onto my often sensitive/dry skin, I would like for it to be made with mostly natural, plant-derived ingredients.  For the most direct face makeup, I go with tarte cosmetics; known to be made without parabens and sulfates, these products are also cruelty-free and vegan!  They last all day, are easily applied and my skin never feels dried out, clogged, or irritated after use…I seriously can’t ask for more!


Summer Look: Base – tarte BB creme in medium tan

Now for the play…  DRAMATIC eyes and lips! I used to be a die hard Sephora fan for Urban Decay’s lipsticks, as well as Kat Von D’s amazing products.  To be honest, I remain loyal. Their products are fun, cruelty-free, and even have some vegan options!  They also have very strong pigment, as in a little goes a long way.  Pricey, but the color and products lasts a whole day to a whole season or two.

Conscious.  Amazing.  Love.  (Empty pockets…?)


Left: Tartiest clay liner / Upper right: Kat Von D lipstick – Chula / Bottom right: NYX Wicked – Risque

To avoid breaking the bank at times, I discovered NYX cosmetics.  PETA-approved.. that’s all I needed for play.  It’s cost-conscious and with crazy, funky colors that are long-lasting and easy to apply.  I noticed there lips are light with light application.  With just a few more swipes the color becomes rich and bright.  Lipsticks, which is something I noticed I always get asked about, and eyeliner work amazing, but I must admit, the eyeshadow… let’s just say I need more practice.


NYX soft matte – Copenhagen / Urban Decay – Jilted / Kat Von D – Echo

So here is some of my tried and true..mostly my favorites.  Any day at work or night out, a little blush/contour, and a bright lipstick is always my go-to.  Once in awhile, I experiment with a little smoky, dramatic eyeliner.  Why not..  Just a little play can make some of us women feel a little more…BADASS.  And that goes with the natural look as well.  There’s nothing I love more than days off and a clean face…less of a nightly routine to follow at the end of the day 😉


So have fun!  Feel amazing!

I have another post coming up.  For those who love to experiment with a natural, DIY kind of beauty or just want to try something new, another Conscious Beauty post will come soon enough!  So, let me know your guilty pleasures.  Whether makeup, burgers, or TV show!  What do you enjoy?  Maybe it’s a little different from your everyday brand?!  That’s something we will also be talking about! 😀

Till next time my dears!


Winter: Base – tarte foundation in medium neutral/ Lips – NXY soft matte Copenhagen




My “Nothing is Forever” Relocation


It’s about time, right?!  I hope you all had an amazing holiday and New Year!  I am finally back and even if I’m not ready, I’m just going to do it anyway.  That is this post!  I am back to the cold weather and back to work!

I had to say goodbye to the beauty of Florida on New Years Day.  Not the easiest of decisions I’ve had to make.  My palm trees and warm sun are a thing of the past, but made up an experience I never want to forget.  From my family with me there and the amazing people I met through it all, my time in Florida is truly something I want to hold close.


Even though I did not think it would be forever, I did think it would a bit longer.  Long enough to make a living, friendships, and travels to a few more places in the sunshine state.  I may not have gotten those exact things, but I did get something much greater.  I realized what I wanted to do for a living and made relationships with people that I know  will last for longer time than I would have imagined.  I realized how I want to feel.  And, as far as home?  Home is where the heart is and mine stayed in Jersey.  Although, now I can say an important part is now in Florida.

What helped make my decision?  One part was what was gained.  A new perspective and realizing the difference between what I want and what is best (it’s not always the same).  Another part was realizing what I lost.  That part of my soul that believed in what connected all of us, such as the power of smile.


So, New Jersey became home once again, and probably for awhile.  Yet, nothing is forever.  When asked if I was here for good by a coworker, all I could really get out was “For now, yea.”

I never thought anyone should feel ashamed for something not working out.  Life is full of mistakes and full of lessons, but hey, we did it and if you’re reading this, you are still here!  Still able to make a ton more of great decisions, good and bad.  Whether anything from a relationship to a job, it happened for a reason, and most likely, you learned a hell of a lot from it.  That’s what I am saying to myself.  I learned, I accepted, and I am moving on.

So here’s to a new year, a new start, and a new part to a never ending adventure.



P.S.  But until death do us part, family, friends and food… that’s forever shit 😉