November Lovin’


I was debating on whether I should even bother posting this… but, I am only a few days late!  Really though, it’s been another crazy month. Crazy hours, new decisions, and trying to enjoy days off, my mind has felt a bit scattered.  Trying hard to keep true and find some last month lovin’.

So, here’s my lil’ recap.


I’m loving Fall in Florida.  I must admit, it took me awhile to get used to.  Just a sweater?  Still wearing sandals and then boots in the same week?  Its like spring with palm trees and a little less humidity.


Since the weather and humidity here has dropped a little, my skin feels it.  And is not shy of showing it.  Cold months equal a bit more skin care and I must say, I don’t hate it.  Just another excuse to try some new products.  Here’s a preview to another Conscious Beauty post for you all!


So with this different transition into a new season, I have been trying to eat a little healthier as well.  Basically at lunch… in a form of snacks. Hummus and chips save the day, almost everyday.  Where I work, cheap healthy lunches are slim.  As I work more day shifts, I am also realizing I should plan more… So chips and dip will do until dinner 😉


IMG_0414Whole Foods helps too!

Still enjoying good food with amazing company.  I love the fact I can enjoy some good Peruvian food, tasty Italian, and vegan feasting.  My favorite kind of diet.



IMG_0532Semi-homade tasty Italian 😀

I did make pancakes which of course needed to be shared.  All I used was an organic whole grain pancake mix, an egg, almond milk, then doctored up with some cranberries and pecans.  Amazing!


What happens in-between this thing called life, makes what I do worth it.  Good vibes, weather, company, and food.  Here’s to another month.  A month of maybe a little more adventure, laughs, and treasured moments.  I am ready for you.




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