Month: December 2015

Will be Back Soon!

Hello my beauties!

Just stopping by to say hello, and I am coming back soon!  Just taking a mini holiday.  A few changes and transitions are being made, so I haven’t been able to keep up as much on here.

You are welcome to look at life updates during a transitions finest from my Instagram or Snapchat – yesenia_etez.  Bunch of pep talks, pictures, and silly videos!

I will hopefully be back with new tips, a new look, and of course foodie and lifestyle pics galore!  Stay tuned!


Happy New Years!!!




Holiday Realizations


Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day has always been my favorite time of the year.  Besides the cold weather, snow, and blue hands, I really enjoyed everything about it.  The Christmas decorations and lights throughout neighborhood streets and downtown.  Christmas movies and music from your house to the malls.  Not just gift exchanges, but cookies and delicious food.  I come from a strong Hispanic Culture.  Canciones de la Navidad, arroz con gondules, pastelses, y perníl, were just some of the stars.  Proud to say my favorite holiday to eat is always the night of Christmas Eve.

I haven’t done a list in a while, and if I don’t do a list for this post, it will most likely come out like a rant. I got these emotions and thoughts that need to come out! It’s a way for all of us to turn back around, start over if you will. Why wait till the New Year? Now is the best time!


So here it is.  How can we get over the past year’s strifes.  How can we remember the things, more so people, that really matter?  I want to make the end of this year a little more beautiful.  And hopefully keep it going for a little while longer.

1. Spend time with others.  Seriously, I feel the best way to relieve yourself from holiday craziness and to-dos, is to actually spend time with the people.  Maybe it’s your family or maybe it’s some coworkers you have grown very fond of.  Make that extra effort.  You would be surprised at how relaxing and fun a movie night in could be.


2. Eat with purposeful bliss.  Extra cookies and cocktails usually come around this time of year.  Because nothing says love like homemade cookies, and nothing says party like fancy dranks.  Enjoy it.  Going out to eat, make sure to order something delicious but practical.  I always like to keep it simple and go all out a few times a month.  You be surprised what a few simple meals can do for your mind, digestion, and waistline.  You want to feel good from the inside out

3. Get corny with it!  Dress up!  Bake those cliché cookies.  Blast holiday music everywhere you go.  Being corny makes me happy, sometimes because the other person can’t help but smile and laugh.  Have fun with spirited holiday.  Buy into it.  I’m not saying in a retail manner (but watch out for the sales), but in a heartfelt manner.  Put up decorations and a charlie brown Tree, even for your small family enjoy.


4. Give your face a rest.  Smile more! I must say, even I have turned into a bit of grinch throughout this year.  So, first I’m trying to forgive myself and move on.  Give my customers the benefit of the doubt, breathe in indifferences with important people in my life, and in the end, smiling through it all.  I am constantly reminded, you never know what another person is going through.  So maybe that three second smile can gets somebody’s day going a little better.

This is simple and short.  I hope you read it and pinpoint where it affects your life the most.  How can you improve?  Little changes to make day’s worth while?  The goal is to keep this way of thinking all year long.  In the end, I think that’s what Christmas is for most people.  You may celebrate that Christian meaning, as do I.  Then, you can also celebrate the simple gifts and people that have came into your life all year long.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to my very special readers!


Thank you,


Conscious Beauty: DIY Deodorant


I was going to wait for this DIY, but I ran out of deodorant, so I thought it as a sign.  This is one of my tried and true recipes.  At least for myself and few others.  I try prett hard to limit harmful chemicals and most commercial products tend to have an abundance.  I’ll try not to get too hippie-dippie on you, but having chemicals so close to your heart chakra everyday, physically and soulfully, I don’t see that as very good.


So here is one of my tried and true recipes.  I got it years ago and have even shared once before.  I guess you can call this a post revamped, but regardless, sharing it again can do no harm.

This deodorant recipe is easy with a few simple ingredients and little time needed.  The best part is, once you buy the ingredients, besides the coconut, they will last for a long time.  I go through coconut oil like bath soap, which is probably the best thing anyone can do for themselves with the amazing benefits!

Also, you can totally adjust this recipe.  If you need something a little bit stronger, up the baking soda.  Senstive?  Less baking soda and more coconut oil.  Like a thicker consistency?  A bit more arrowroot starch will solidify the product in the jar and keep it dry under your arms.  Everyone is different, so don’t be afraid to play your way!


DIY Deodorant

  • 6 tbs unrefined coconut oil
  • 4 tbs baking soda
  • 4 tbs arrowroot starch
  • 10 drops of essential oil

Mix and refrigerate for an hour.  Lasts about 6 months!




November Lovin’


I was debating on whether I should even bother posting this… but, I am only a few days late!  Really though, it’s been another crazy month. Crazy hours, new decisions, and trying to enjoy days off, my mind has felt a bit scattered.  Trying hard to keep true and find some last month lovin’.

So, here’s my lil’ recap.


I’m loving Fall in Florida.  I must admit, it took me awhile to get used to.  Just a sweater?  Still wearing sandals and then boots in the same week?  Its like spring with palm trees and a little less humidity.


Since the weather and humidity here has dropped a little, my skin feels it.  And is not shy of showing it.  Cold months equal a bit more skin care and I must say, I don’t hate it.  Just another excuse to try some new products.  Here’s a preview to another Conscious Beauty post for you all!


So with this different transition into a new season, I have been trying to eat a little healthier as well.  Basically at lunch… in a form of snacks. Hummus and chips save the day, almost everyday.  Where I work, cheap healthy lunches are slim.  As I work more day shifts, I am also realizing I should plan more… So chips and dip will do until dinner 😉


IMG_0414Whole Foods helps too!

Still enjoying good food with amazing company.  I love the fact I can enjoy some good Peruvian food, tasty Italian, and vegan feasting.  My favorite kind of diet.



IMG_0532Semi-homade tasty Italian 😀

I did make pancakes which of course needed to be shared.  All I used was an organic whole grain pancake mix, an egg, almond milk, then doctored up with some cranberries and pecans.  Amazing!


What happens in-between this thing called life, makes what I do worth it.  Good vibes, weather, company, and food.  Here’s to another month.  A month of maybe a little more adventure, laughs, and treasured moments.  I am ready for you.