Month: November 2015

Conscious Beauty: Cleansing Edition

One of the things I’ve been into lately is holistic beauty.  Conscious beauty.  Beauty that is great for you, the environment, and of course, your pockets.  It goes with the concept of being aware of not only what goes inside your body, but what is put on your body as well.  Now, a little disclosure.  I am not perfect.  In the end I do what feels right for myself.  Some stuff may be a little expensive, or bought unaware of the testing involved.  I try, and just hope you can take something out of it, and share your favorite products!

And it all starts from the beginning, so this is where we will start.

I have naturally very dry, sensitive, porous skin. I have been able to limit my breakouts to one pimple a month, if that, keep my skin looking and feeling neutral, and minimizing the size of my pores with a few simple tricks and products.

Oil Cleansing and Moisturizing.  I do not use soap at any time to clean my face.  Now, I have dry skin and I noticed this oil cleansing has helped me a lot.  I was even one to get pimples a few times a month, but with diet and proper cleaning, it was handled correctly and with care.IMG_0205

My official face cleanser is almond oil.  It’s part of my go-to everyday routine.  I used to do a mixture of castor and almond oil, but found the castor oil to be a little too thick and heavy for my skin.  So with a just a nickel size amount of almond oil onto the hand I apply  it on my face and neck.  I put a face towel under running hot water and squeeze out excess.  Then I put the hot/warm towel on to my face and let sit for about 10 seconds or so.  Just enough time to open up the pores and extract the dirt out.  Makes sense, no?  You want to make sure to pat the towel on your skin, not wipe.

Afterwards, I sprinkle a little cold water onto my face to bring pores back to their original size.  This also helps keep the moisture in.  If you have oilier skin, I recommend you stop here.  For us drying folks, I recommend moisturizing with jojoba oil. This oil is best for sensitive, dry, easily irritated skin.  Vitamin E(also found in almond oil), anti-inflammatory(reduced inflammation) and anti-microbial(fights acne) properties help to heal many types of skin.  Just a dime size, a little goes a long way.

On days when I put on makeup, coconut oil serves as the best makeup remover for myself.  Literally, put on and wipe off and follow with another oil cleanser.

IMG_8205P.S. Products will last for a very long time.  Get a sale and these will last you 6 months to a year!

Now everyone is different.  What works for me, may have different effects for yourself.  I’ve heard of cleansing and moisturizing with olive oil, sesame seed oil, and even avocado oil.  See what works best for you!  I recommend almond because it seems the less heavy out of all of them besides coconut oil and avocado, which are about the same and great for moisturizing.

My last trick for those with dry skin.  I wash my face once a day and usually at night.  Cleansing twice a day dried me out and stressed my skin causing more breakouts!  This helps me rid bacteria/dirt from the day and stay moisturized all night.  In the morning I do a quick rinse with water and moisturize again with coconut oil(antibacterial, proteins, vitamin E).  This oil is light enough to put makeup or leave natural for just a slight dewy look.

IMG_0208I told you I would start from the beginning!  Fresh face for real!

Hope you enjoyed!  I would love to hear any suggestions or comments on products or methods.

Beauty from the inside out, even the outside in 😉





I wanted to start the week with a little something positive, a little something different.  After a world wind of emotions and events, there are a few things I have remained faithful to, admired, and learned to love through out my blogging years.

Sometime soon, I would love for this to become a weekend thing.  There are just so many randoms and pictures I take within a week and never get to share!  For now this will do!


Food Blogs!

Ya’ll know, or will soon know, I started as a daily blogger of food.  From that, it turned into how I experimented in the kitchen, baking, trying new recipes, and different types of food.  Some came from books, but I’ve always been big on food blogs!  They taught me to love the process, presentation, and of course taste of homemade kickass creations.  Some of my favorites:

How Sweet It Is.  Love! Making mouthwatering, drool worthy, gluttonous(?) creations.  Seriously think peanut butter and bacon cookies.  Wha?!?!

Joy the Baker.  A California girl with a southern heart in my eyes.  Basically how I perceive my North Eastern self in love with all things tropical.

A Cozy Kitchen.  The name says it all.  Beauty and taste all in one.

Lady and Pups.  I really just look at this blog as a dreamer.  Goddamn so intricate, but looks so worth it.  Just need to find someone to cook for me like this 😉

IMG_3453Sweet Potato Bread with Pecan Streusel.  My very own, and can’t wait to recreate this month! Keep a look out!

Healthy Living Blogs!

My roots.  How it all began.  I wanted to be healthy!  Feel confident!  What went from more physical, became all mental.  Mindbodygreen and Elephant Journal are a great start for everyday love and curiosity of the healthy living soul searcher!

Fashion and Makeup!IMG_0989

Basically I love to feel and look amazing.  From the inside out of course, but sometimes even when feeling like crap, I learned to pull myself together and go about my day.  It actually helps.  I won’t lie I feel a little more confident with a little mascara, lipstick, and/or a cute simple outfit.


Maybe it’s the industry of retail that has bitten my behind after 10 years, or just the extra time I have available to put a little something together.  Either way, I find it fun and interesting to play with!

IMG_0990Wining and Dining!

Yep, I still love to eat out.  An amazing mix of company, atmosphere, and food, I can never resist those opportunities.  And give a little of everything,  appetizer, drink, and an amazing course… Please and thank you!


Well I hope you enjoyed!  Just a general post of what turns your girl on 😉 Food, fashion, photography.  I’m a girl who just wants to keep things beautiful.  All with perspective and personal touch.  But, don’t be fooled!  Behind all the pizza and beer, I still eat my salads and keep inspired with badass quotes.  Now all I need is a new book… Recommendations??


Stay fun and funky, my beauties!


Remember Those Dreams…?


If you came here for the answers, I’m sorry I don’t have them right now.  But, if you came for the thoughts and curiosity of another’s perspective, then you and I are both in luck.

Remember when we had those dreams for ourselves?  We were going to fall in love, travel the world, become successful in our careers, eat amazing food, and meet people of all sorts.  Yea.  Then instead of life happening, it seems that life stopped.  So much so, you are consumed in all your thoughts, memories.  Some so good, you want to go back.  Others so horrible, you wonder why they still linger in your mind, or rather just come back up.

Those horrible memories? Experiences?  Feelings?  They suck.  To be honest, they make me feel like we all suck.  Which I know is and will never be true, but for that brief moment it’s a thought.

Where did those dreams go?  Do we want to go back?  To that familiarity? The safe way? The responsible way.  I always think about the responsibility for not just myself, but others.  Now more than ever.  Because no matter what, I have this amazing family, that I do believe can benefit from my presence, and I from theirs.  I know now more than ever that being there, that real touch of a loved one is so powerful.  Those amazing friends you know can make you laugh just sitting on the couch in your sweats… These are the things that make me believe.

Then what about those you must leave behind?  People, experiences, progression.  What if I did just leave to follow “my dreams?”

As of late, I feel like I’m hiding more than ever.  I didn’t even know it.  On those nights you stay awake for hours staring at the wall.  I would never say it, but it comforts me to pretend like someone is there with me.

My mask.  My face.  I put it on as long as I’m determined I’m going to have an amazing day.  I will look like I got amazing sleep, glowing like I live for the Florida sun.  Can we talk about how I think I know how to contour? Maybe if my face looks skinny, people won’t notice those few extra pounds… Then to pull it all together with an OOTD.

If you know me, the question is how did this happen?

I was asked what inspires me.  Right now, I really don’t know.  People and possibilities used to be my answer.  Then bullshit comes right up and I just remember to close myself all over again.  Because who really gives a fuck about another girl who once dreamt about changing the world?  Who only wanted to give a chance to every deserving human being.  Well, thankfully, I still give many fucks about the inspiring lovers, dreamers I work with and talk to everyday.  The ones who do it with soul.  Not for nothing, they make me not lose hope in myself.  To also not lose hope in others.

“Walk like you have three men behind you.”

My favorite feminist line.  More than ever so.  Learning to do my face and figure out some amazing outfit that empowers.  Why the hell not? But, there is more to it.  We really don’t care about those three men.  Just you.

Words from the dreamer within begging to come out again, the hopeless romantic who hasn’t lost all hope yet, and moon child who still looks up at the dark sky and believes all over again.


“Told you I would always give you me, the real me.”