Aventuras Part 1



My dears!  Have I got a story for you!  Ok, not so much a story, but short tidbit of a day and night out.  I thought I was happening the best day of my life, in a very, very, long time.  What started out as a reason to just get out, turned into a feeling I almost forgot existed.

I decided to go the extra mile, or few, and took a ride toward St. Petersburg.  I loved every moment of it.  I mostly located myself on the outskirts of the downtown area to right by the bay area.  Beautiful.

First stop, was the Morean Arts Center.  That’s where, I got out of my element a little more and was able to take a writing class.  Definitely been a while since sat down in any class like that.  To be honest, I did not think I would get much out of it, since it was mostly about story’s.  Yet, it’s funny how you can see the similarities between totally different pieces of writing when looking at the person behind the words.


Afterwards, it was imperative I go to the Saturday Morning Market.  I had been hearing really nice things about this place, with other peoples comments ending in, “You would really like it.”  Vegetables, scenery, and cute local stand.  Duh!


Just from going through the streets around downtown alone, you can tell it has it’s own touch of a city and town.  Older houses and apartments, different local shops, even music from every corner while still keeping a sense of calmness.  I think that alone is Florida thing.  Laid back feeling with their own sense of a city flair.



Can we talk about how hot it still was in Florida?!  Was not prepared.  I actually ended up buying a dress from a small stand, changed in the porto potty, and grabbed a beef empanada for my walk back towards my car.  Ended up being perfect timing.  As I got lost, or rather lost track of where I was supposed to be walking, I found myself in a more deserted residential area.  My phone dead, a little whole-in-the-wall convenient store, with my empanada and water bottle in hand.  As I walked with my flowy symbolic dress, fringe, and curls, I couldn’t help but feel a little more in tune with the quaint hippie vibe of this town.



As the day passed it only got better.  Finally made my way to the beach!  You really can never go wrong with a beach.  As long as you expect great water views, sand between your toes, sun and breeze, that’s all you really need.


My uncle invited me to check out Clearwater Beach.  Probably one of the best known and popular of Florida’s west coast.  Kind of took me home.  With a mini street boardwalk, hotels, and families walking along, definitely resembles one of the iconic Jersey Shore boardwalks.

We walked.  We ate. We saw.  All I needed.


I would love to try and do something like this once a month.  Something new, experiences and feels.  It’s a goal.  A way to see there is something more out there than just the streets between the apartment to the mall.  One of my favorites is not what you want to do, but how you want to feel.


Always chasing a sunset,






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