Getting Back on My Mat


No matter what it takes.

With everything that has been occurring around me and the changes that have taken place within me, the one that has been affected the most is my yoga practice. I wish I could say it has been a change for the better, but not quite.

For almost four years, I have held a more consistent yoga practice.  I loved to go to the studio and take my classes.  I would practice before and after the classes.  When it was beautiful out, I would take my practice outside, or keep it cozy indoors during the winter.  Even when times where tough (read: I was broke), I would make it a point to always practice in the morning. When I would sleep in at 7 a.m. (yes, that was sleeping in), morning samaskaras still took place.  At least three.

Now I can say my yoga practice is a whole two minutes.  In bed.  I achieve a full childs pose to downward dog, and maybe a few wind release poses.  My meditation is well, nonexistent.  I try… sometimes.  It’s so hard lately!!!

Should I go through my excuses?

  1. I just washed my hair today.
  2. I haven’t been out all day, I’m not leaving my house now.
  3. It’s raining outside.
  4. I’m bloated.
  5. I’m still full from breakfast.
  6. I’m hungry
  7. Maybe tomorrow.
  8. I don’t know/I don’t like this teacher
  9. I overslept.

IMG_9558I even carried this baby around the airport

Lame.Lame.Lame.  Is that what you read?  I wouldn’t blame you.

These are mostly my excuses for not going to class.  The ones for not actually practicing at all are a bit more lame.

What I need is a “Get it togetha, sista!!”  I am a fucking yogi.  And no, going to class won’t prove that.  But making the effort and actually getting on my mat will.  That’s the best part.  You got on your mat.  You are going to practice YOUR practice.  Take what you learn on your mat, and put it towards everyday life.  BOOM.  Welcome to the life of a yogi.


I guess this goes with any practice or activity.  To actually do it.  Take that 2 mile run to start.  Get that gym membership.  Try those new work out DVDS that really kick your ass.

Seriously.  I noticed more than ever, it’s just about getting back on my mat.  I never understood that sitting in class, hearing the teacher state that.  I took my mat out of my trunk after three weeks.  After giving it a good cleaning,  I can’t wait to roll it out in a studio.  Yet, I know it starts home.  So what I really can’t wait for is to wake up at 6am and hopefully by 7am, begin my home yoga practice….  This is ambitious.  Although, even if I wake by 7, I hope to get some sort of meditation practice in.  Baby steps.  It’s only yoga.

It’s the yoga that keeps me active.  It’s the yoga that keeps me humble.  It’s the yoga that keeps me balanced.  It’s the yoga that keeps me motivated to learn.  It will always be my own yoga practice.


where perfection does not exist ❤




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