Realizations Mixed with Vanity

Adjusting to your own prosperity ~ Danielle LaPorte

I thought we can start with this.  I love it.  Because it’s so simple and so true.  Who knows your own prosperity, but yourself?

If you are reading my blog, chances are you are fortunate enough to read, own a phone or computer, and/ are looking for some sort of inspiration or update.  That right there is prosperity.

I can say that the last 7 months of my life have been somewhat life altering.  Whether it is my surroundings, such as the weather or people, to most importantly, myself.

There is no denying I am heaven with the weather.  Give me all the humidity and 95 degree weather everyday.  I’ve never felt so free being tan with my frizzy hair, while wearing minimal simple clothing. It’s amazing being able to dress myself in seven dollar crop tops everyday.

But, what if I told you my short shorts and crop tops gave me another sense of being? Even in the summer, I have always kept a sense of dignity with my clothing.  I haven’t had the all good experiences during the last few months.

As said before, betrayal and disappointment has been part of this, still amazing, time.  I say still, because so much more was figured out.  I’M STILL FUCKING ALIVE!  I may not have the “ideal” life for a 26 year old woman, but I can say have my own life as a 26 year old healthy living, yoga loving, swearing woman.  Have I changed?  Yes and no.

I’m still on this blog I started almost three years ago.  I’m still working, now full-time, at the same job I started almost 5 years ago.  I love my lemon with water and gargle my mouth with coconut oil every morning.  Yet, I am a totally different person at the same time.  I did not have one vegetable today.  My snack consisted of cheese and coffee.  I give more attitude and back talk, then most people would appreciate.  I have my breasts free and more skin showing than I ever had since I was a newborn probably.  I embrace it.  I love it.

Out of everything, I would change a few things.

I want to miss a day of lemon water because I had to sleep out in a different surrounding.  Maybe all the attitude isn’t necessary, no matter what fight I’m fighting, or what point I’m trying to make.  Although, I will say it is therapeutic.  Screw it.  I went from a good girl who looked for the good in everyone, to some bad “bitch” that didn’t mind any kind of attention. Look at my ass, because it will never be yours.  Look at my car, I pay for that.  Listen to me speak, because l’m still educated and alive.

More has changed in my life than I thought possible.  It maybe what was predicted by the full moon close to new years, and continues to this new moon in my beloved Cancer.  Emotioal, sensitive, loyal, and as fierce as the water that flows through us.

I am still as back and forth as ever before.  But, I know few things for sure.  Stay cautious.  Love truly.  Feel everything.  Embrace your flaws.  Keep the animal within you alive.  You still have so much, so share that prosperity.  Share your soul.  I’ll work on it.  Want to join me?


Till next time,

yesenia and organic cabernet 


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