February Favorites



I really hope it’s not too late for this post. I wanna share with you my moments of last month!  Pictures coupled with thoughts and words, a little something for those staying in during the snow, and those relaxing on the beach.  It’s Friday and one of my favorite things to still do is either enjoy a day productive day of yoga and work, or simply just more relaxing.  It’s a cloudy morning here, so it feels fit to drink my 2nd cup of coffee and share!



So, I’m back with the love of my life.  Really, it was just a little difficult to make the quality time 😉  I started my yoga practice again at a new studio.  It’s different, new, and refreshing.  After being absolutely in love with my previous one, I can pick at all the comparisons, but I’ll just leave it at I am glad to be back at it!  I’m not going to lie, it’s a total different experience to practice as a group and with a teacher, one that I need to either remind me or push me to be true to myself.  That’s the thing about yoga and yogis, we kinda care about what YOU need.



I’ve been an avocado addict.  I mean, it could be worse.  But, I can never get enough.  Break, lunch, and dinner, it makes an appearance.  Give me 2 a week of those beautiful Florida avocados, or I’ll take 6 of the Mexican aguacate cuties.  They honestly keep me full and satisfied.  And in the process, I’m getting amazing fats, fiber, protein, and vitamins.  Did I mention they taste A-mazing!  Next to try is in my smoothies! As soon as I get a blender….



Another thing I’ve been consuming as of late.  Yogurt.  My stomach does well with it.  It’s yummy.  And if you get the grass-fed, sustainable, organic kind (don’t be intimidated, you don’t need every word I said) you may get ultimate nutrition of calcium and probiotics.  And yes, there are those thing in plant-based items, but, I like yogurt…


Can we pretend I’m going to try and cook a little more.  It’s been kind of hard.  You see when you live with a grandma who is home and loves to feed people, there is just no such thing as cooking for one.  Breakfast and little lunches I can get away with.  My main meal that keeps me full for the day, can be difficult.  But sometimes, I can sneak in a quick meal after work with the excuse, “I just want a little something…”


I haven’t started yet though!  Whole Foods across the street does a good job of keeping me fed with different yummies. It’s convenient, fast, and healthy.  Seriously though, it still is cheaper than going out.  And lately, I really haven’t eaten out and truly enjoyed myself.  I’m sorry.  I’ll take my homemade rice and beans with a fried egg or Whole Foods Market takeout everyday and be happy.  It works out though when your on a budget and don’t feel the need to eat out as “something to do.”

IMG_8231Other times, you just need a cuban sandwich with coffee for breakfast…

There has also been a good mix of work and family time.  I could talk about work, but for now, it’s just work.  But I will talk about my amazing family and friends.  From the one’s here and the one’s back home, it’s always an amazing time to catch up.  Always an understatement to say I miss my Jersey familia. The friends I have there too are like my family and they definitely been here with me as well.  But, I will say, I love what I have here too.  From those amazing people I met, to my family that I can depend on here.  Always an amazing time.



IMG_8084Would you believe I never got to try this for myself? ❤

So, that’s been what’s been going on so far.  There are a few posts lined up for you all.  I’m down for more frequent posts if you are.  I love nothing more than to share.  I think I may have finally started adjusting here in Florida.  I’m not going to lie, I almost wish I could be part of that beautiful snow that is going on up north, but then I get to drive with the windows down and sun out, and I think that’s alright too.


Trying to keep my beliefs and dreams alive, in a world where I think it’s sometimes hard for us to share.  Here’s to the magic that keeps us young and the destiny that keeps us going.





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