Good morning, beautiful people!



So, I’m here for a little bit of updates or maybe just to write.  It’s Saturday morning and a long weekend for myself. You know I’m a picture freak, so it’s also just a way to entertain your eyes as well.  This post has many reasonings!  Gosh, I love it when that happens.



I mostly came to talk about a different topic.  Not so much about healthy food and exercising.  But adaptation into a new environment, mostly as a young working adult saving up to move out and follow her dreams.  I think many people can relate to the being and desires, but what happens when you throw yourself into a new place as well.

I told myself this would be good for me.  And everyone seem to think the same too.   While most of my friends went a way to school, traveled, and loved it.  I thought, now this is my time.  I’m a bit of a late bloomer, but when you don’t have a deadline, who’s counting anyways?



Here’s two big differences though.  1.  I’m not away at school with many other people in the same situation as myself.  2.  I’m very shy, introverted, and need a lot of time to start friendships.


For myself, I have had the same friends since elementary and high school.  My college experience was more of a let’s-get-the-hell-out part of my life, but I was fortunate enough to start and maintain amazing bonds with some of the people I worked with.  Yet, I have noticed many of the people I work with now are in many different situations, ranging from marriage to school.  How do you bond as the oldest, single, new girl?  I was upset for a while, that I left the family and friends I was closest too.  But, here is what I realized with the help of my family, friends, and words… Compassion and Connection.


That’s all it’s about.  Find compassion for who the people are and what they do.  It’s something I well forgot about it, which is kind of sad since that is literally engraved on my body.  I am coming to really appreciate who people really are.  They might have different lives, different ways of living, and different backgrounds, but you know what?  We laugh and have fun all the same.



I’m in love with the different culture that surrounds with me.  It’s funny, because it’s kind of my own.  I am a hispanic woman with strong family values, and when we get together it’s a loud fun affair.  Being at work, sometimes feels like home.  That was the connection I failed to see, or rather took time.  Even if we all have our own lives, we take the time we have together and make it worth it.  Hardworking, helpful, and with a joke here and there.  It may not be friendships, but a yogi (yes, I still consider myself one) always sees how we are all connected, even if we need reminding.


I may or may not make lasting friendships and it may take time for me to get used the environment and community here, but it’s only been one month!  I haven’t even bee able to do half the things I love!!! Beach and yoga, duh.  I’ve noticed keeping your mind focused on the things you love and open to the possibilities around you, leaves you feeling ok with the situation you are in now.  Take longs drives to your favorite places.  I took a longer drive to a different mall yesterday, which was just like the Jersey malls I grew up around and in, and even more beautiful!  I got to take time and walk around and converse with people in my favorite grocery store.  When away you appreciate and connections you may make.  From talking about being from the same area, to small talk about amazing cookies and good hair.  Seriously, it makes my day.


So there is my ramble, my weakness and strengths combined in one.  What was your new experience??? How did you find it easier to adapt and connect with others? Did you put yourself out there right away? I’m more of a, let’s just see what evolves, kind of person, but given circumstances, maybe I can try and break out of my shell to see something new.

Till next time!





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