Month: April 2014

Spring Detox Part 2

Good morning ya’ll!

Hope everyone has had an amazing week!!! Mine definitely had it’s ups and downs.  I took quite a hiatus, first due to work.  My schedule has changed drastically and it’s definitely going to take some time to get used to.  I’ve been keeping focused with work, eating right, and some yoga.  Can we also talk about how I lost 4 months of information on my phone?  Yea, it was somewhat traumatizing, especially for me who had so many pictures!!  You know what that means?  This might be a slightly less appeasing post to the eye.  No pictures from my detox 😦

So let’s talk about how the rest went, shall we?

What I ate/drank?

  • Lemon with water upon awaking
  • Green juice every morning.  Nothing like starting your day with greens, ginger, and lemon.
  • Raw ginger cereal with raw cashew milk.
  • Green tea once a day
  • Gut lovin’ salad.  There will be a post on that soon!  It’s so good and taste so fresh.
  • Kombucha
  • More juice!  Preferably the Carrot Juice from Suja, or the Blueprint Beet Juice.
  • Ginger or peppermint tea

What I did?

  • #yogaeverydamnday (sweat)
  • Only breakfast and lunch
  • 5am or 5:30am wake up calls
  • Bed between 10pm – 11pm

How I felt?

Amazing during and after!  I lasted 5 great days.  I was never hungry, which was one of my priorities.  I wanted to enjoy everything about this detox.

My body felt light with all the fresh food and juices.  My yoga practice also helped by sweating out the toxins and giving me more strength. *Staying grounded during a detox, can actually be very difficult.  You’re body and mind may want to take flight, resulting in not being able to concentrate in everyday life task.  A vata obstacle.

Can we get real for a little?  My intestines were definitely moving.  I was regular and going to the bathroom easier and more frequently.  Just in the morning, I noticed a lot more evacuation.  This let me feel more secure with my body and health.  Nothing is worse than feeling backed up and bloated while trying to lighten up!  I was also great not to depend on breakfast in order to go.  I was able to go at times after my lemon with water or green juice.

Now we can talk about energy.  I don’t remember ever feeling depleted like I usually do!  I was fine with no coffee in the morning.  My yoga practice definitely woke me up every morning.  Through out the day, I made sure to keep myself well hydrated and fed, to not promote any drop in blood sugar.  I went to bed feeling light and was able to wake up easy by 5:30 every morning!  Less food is sometimes more guys!  I really couldn’t believe how well it turned out!

I highly recommend this detox if you are a health conscious eater to begin with.  You must love food and vegetables enough to want to nourish your body with it for a good amount of time.  Because, I did eat “normally” I extended my detox for a medium length of time.  Of course a juice cleanses would be shorter and a whole food cleanse would be a duration of a couple of weeks.  I had 1 cheat meal from Whole Foods and it was amazing.  Just a mostly raw salad and a kombucha, but it was just the slight midweek treat I needed 😉

You want to love what you are doing for yourself, basically because you love and respect the body you possess. We are all just souls, protected by your body.  Honor it!  Love it!

If you have any questions or would like to share your detox experience, please share!!! I love to talk more and hear what others have to say.  It’s always a learning experience for everyone.


Till next time!





My Spring Detox Part 1


Are you tired of this subject?  To be honest, I am.  I think it’s because I started late in the game, but I’m ready to for the warm weather to become consistent so all I crave is fresh vegetables and fruit!  Oh, I should probably mention that it was 80 degrees two days ago, and we woke up to snow this morning.  Mother nature, I am sorry for the way you have been treated, but why you gotta be so mean?

Can you tell I’m a little upset?  But, I shall remain positive and say, I am more than glad to be on this mini detox now.  For me, I waited until my body and finances were a little more in check.  More so my body though.  It was important to get rid of any monthly bloat and plan what I will be having over the next few days.  The cleanse I chose?  Whole food cleanse, high in raw foods.


My reasons.

  1. Finances.  It was cheaper for me to eat healthy most of the time than juice.  Don’t get me wrong, I did splurge on a few juices, but just a few and enough to get me through four or five days.  Focusing on maybe two a day.  When you sub a bunch of veggies for the usual groceries such as extra yummy sauces, dairy, and meat/fish.  It can actually come out almost the same.
  2. Pitta Problems.  During recent months, I have noticed my body becoming very overheated.  It has been that way for a while now.  Whenever I drink wine, eat heavy, or even eat a lot.  Generally, I am a little more cold than the usual person.  But simple things trigger my heating reaction, specifically on my face.  Redness, to rashes, my pores become enlarged and irritated.  I am using this detox as a way to see if I can cure/control this, if not inform myself more about it.  I am using a high raw food diet to do that.


So let’s talk about my first day!!!


I didn’t use my own advice on a pre-cleanse diet….  A diet full of white rice and flour, fish, eggs, and dairy the weekend prior, was not a good idea.  From somebody who is sensitive to those foods, I found myself less than comfortable that Monday starting my cleanse.  So much so, I didn’t even want to go to yoga.  I actually ate a little more so maybe the food would get things moving inside my stomach.  A couple of juices, salad, and canned soup were my drugs of choice.  For dranks it was a Ginger Kombucha and a lot of Eater’s Digest Tea.

*Side note* Did anyone see the lunar eclipse?  My special self woke up at 3am to see that blood moon, but all I saw was a cloudy night sky.  Tear.  Depending on your sign it was supposed to give you a certain reading and energy. I used this rare occasion to really manifest some kind of energy.  Some mantras and words to better cope with what has been going on around and inside me?  I’ve been really into astrology spiritual energy, so it’s something I hope to talk more about soon!

Tuesday was a better day.  I didn’t find myself as hungry.  I think my body was still trying to rid and digest the other foods I have been consuming.  For breakfast I had a a raw cereal with a a third of the Suja coconut milk (forgot to picture) and a small cup of green tea.  Lunch was an alright salad:


  • massaged kale and dandelions
  • sprouts and sprouted beans
  • radishes
  • quinoa
  • parsley
  • avocado
  • homemade dressing (share later on if perfected!)

So I’m trying to keep this up for a few more days.  If I eat out, I’ll probably go for the healthier whole foods option.  With a green juice first thing in the morning for a few days, I’ll hopefully be feeling a bit better in no time!

My biggest challenge:  Saturday morning if I can keep aways from Whole Foods scones and coffee 😉

Till next time!




March Happenings

Good morning!

So I thought I share with you some cool, yummy, funny, but mostly yummy photos.  March was the month I decided to turn my life around and do what I love, so why not share it over breakfast?


And I say breakfast, because I’ve been utterly obsessed with a good one all month long.  What started as a way to kick my sugar habit, has become one of my favorite breakfasts to enjoy.  Eggs please!  Mostly sunny side up, I love me a good yolk.



I made it a point to go out or even just hang out with some important people in my life.  Family and friends.  Sometimes it’s not all about food and 10pm bedtimes.


Except when it comes to birthdays.  Because cakes and cupcakes are a must.  It was my momma’s birthday this month and since she is kind of the bestest in the whole wide world, surprise cupcakes while she worked seemed necessary.  These were from Whole Foods Market.  They kind of tasted like cornbread?  But in the best possible way.

IMG_5741Chipotle Sofritas

Basically one of the best vegan options a fast food place can ever make in the middle of Jersey.  It’s the meat subsitute Chipotle has now and it’s so good.  I didn’t  notice they had it until they made my whole bowl.  Well, the lady must have saw me when it caught my eye, so she offered to plop it on.  That was before I knew they would charge you for guacamole now…..


These are a few of my favorite things… Actually, it’s just one, and that’s the sun.  Let’s restyle this and pretend there are sandals and a maxi skirt being modeled.  Hopefully in one month, the sun will be able to give my toes the tan they deserve, until then, flats and pants it is.


I got a new car, and decided to pimp it out like any real yogi would 🙂

How I let the world (or my humble amount of followers in social media) that I’m ready to go on in life being who I am and doing what I love.  Of course, it’s always going to be a work in progress, just like my yoga, it’s a practice.  All I hope for is a semi-graceful fall,  so I can always get back up and try again.