Warm Water and Lemon: Detox Everyday

Can we make this month detox month?  This week I think I am going with the theme of Every Day Detox Routines.  I saw that the oil-pulling post was so well received, I couldn’t wait to share my absolute favorite way to cleansing.  This is something that is great to start when actually doing a detox, but even better to keep as part of your daily routines

I talked about before how important hydration was first thing in the morning.  Even with just room temperature water before any coffee or tea will bring you towards the right direction.  But, I got something even better for you that I can promise you will love.




Warm Water and Lemon

Something I have been doing for a few years now, maybe four,  that I hate to miss every morning.  I have always had issues with my stomach and going to the bathroom.  My mother is the one who told me to try this in the morning to help symptoms.  I know that is very forward, but I have to be honest and say that I didn’t know the other half of the amazing benefits to this drink.  After doing this for quite sometime, I experienced better stomach and bathroom issues (with a better diet), more energy, and good feeling.

So let’s talk about the benefits

  1. Helps with digestion.  Of course I had to make this first.  Due to the warm water and lemon combined, you are getting starting off the day with something to get your system going and help flush out all the toxins first thing in the morning.  Your intestines accumulate a lot of toxins and waste from digestion of the previous day and all through the night.  Lemon water helps fire up your digestion again and get your bile flowing which also in turn, helps rid toxins within the intestines.
  2. Balance pH. Throughout the day our body becomes very acidic through the foods and toxins we ingest.  Consumption of foods like meat and cheese, to everyday pesticides and pollution cause this.  Lemon is an alkalizer that helps the body repair itself out of a much more acidic state.  As the body repairs itself, you are more likely to feel more energy and rejunivation in the morning.  More energy equals better feeling and practices, which help with a healthier (maybe leaner?) body.
  3. Helps fight colds.  Like many acidic fruit, lemon has vitamin C and potassium.  Potassium is great for brain function (my mother always told me to eat a banana before a test) and vitamin C is a great for your battling sickness and clearer skin.  Have you heard of a vitamin C mask?  On my to-do list.
  4. Combine with apple cider vinegar.  This took me a while to try.  My brother who suffers from bad seasonal allergies is convinced it has helped in through those difficult times in the year, that’s the lymphatic system doing their job.  For me, I read amazing things about apple cider vinegar, including how it also helps alkalize and detoxify the body.
  5. Combine with turmeric.  Turmeric heals the intestinal track system (your gut), through increasing bile flow and acting as a natural detoxifier.  It supports liver functions to help remove the toxin as waste. Decreasing inflammation and supporting muscle recovery is just an added bonus.

I really hope you guys try this!  If you already do, what side affects have you experienced?  Loved it?  Of course, everyone is different, so this might help you more with your skin than your stomach, or maybe give you more energy.  Either way, I feel detoxifying your intestines, liver, and overall body, is never a bad thing to try 😉







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