Why We Need A Morning Routine


Can I stress how much we take our mornings for granted?  Everyday we wake up to a new day to improve.  Whether it’s personal, at work, or home, we all start off our day thinking about what we have to do.  Do you every find yourself rushing?  Just going through motions?  It really doesn’t have to be like that.  We can make our mornings just as important and exciting as our whole day.

Morning routines can give many a sense of clarity and stability.  The way I like to see it, is that it is something we can control.  It’s just you and nature.  Before you have to deal with anyone or anything, I find it as the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself.  Some may call it a routine, some may call it a ritual.  Whatever appeals to you, make it something that sticks with you and find important enough to appreciate.


Here are some tips or ideas to make your morning worth while.

  1. Arise before the sun.  Sooo, how do I explain this to make it more appealing?  If you already wake up before the sun for work maybe, then we are on the right track!  But, maybe we have to view it a bit differently.  Don’t you want to feel good about actually getting your day started with tranquility.  Try not to rush or get flustered from a short morning.  Before the sun rises, there is an energy given by the universe.  It’s an energy of stillness and awakening.  Wake up with nature!  Open your curtains, and let the light peek out as you start your day.
  2. Hydrate.  Seriously.  After you take care of hygiene, you need to give your body some water.  Your body probably went a good 7 hours with no hydration, and believe it or not, it did a lot of work!  Hydrate and flush out your toxins.  I do plan in going in depth with 2 of my favorite ways to detox in the morning, but for now, start off with room temperature water.  It’s fast, easy, and great before you have that morning cup’o tea 😉
  3. Whether tea or coffee, take time to enjoy it.  If you can enjoy it home with breakfast, great!  If you need to take it on the commute, make it as important as your commute.  By that, I mean really pay attention and enjoy.
  4. Gratitude.  I highly recommend to start your day with a little writing.  Whether it is something you were grateful for yesterday, or something about the day ahead, write it down.  It can be as simple as a warm bed at night, to a new job, or amazing exercise results.  There is so much to be grateful for, it is a great reminder in the morning to start another day to be thankful for.
  5. Move and meditate.  Stretch your body out.  Maybe a couple of stretches that you find most helpful in the morning.  Start with your head, shoulders, back, down to your legs and feet.  After, stay still for a couple of minutes.  Clear your head.  You need this before life’s checklist comes to mind.  I like to do this in child pose sometimes.  You may think you don’t need or have time for meditation, but that’s why I advise a couple of minutes to start.  When I first started, I used my phone to keep track.  You’ll be surprised how fast it can escalate to five minutes.



So what motivates you to get up in the morning?  What’s something you can’t imagine doing before your day begins?





  1. I am usually more motivated to get up in the morning if I have a tasty breakfast planned or I know I something I really want to eat. Either that or my kitten meowing at my door for her breakfast. So pretty much just food. I envy people who have really good morning routine like you describe.

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