Changes and Kicking the Sugar Habit!

Good morning everyone!!


Hope everyone has been enjoying their week so far!

So, I would like to introduce you guys to my blog once again.  I am trying to recreate this site to be almost more informational, if you will?  I guess since I’m taking a different path now, I only want my blog to follow along!  Sometimes, I miss posting my every day foods, and talking about oatmeal, and my ginormous lunches, but again, it’s time.  I want to share useful information, beautiful pictures (my photography skills are improving, thank you Instagram), and everyday life stuff I am enjoying .  I will try and blog more often, because I noticed I have a lot to share!  Can you blame a gal who likes to talk 😉  Thought I would just mention.  I do tend to change my style a lot.  Clothing, writing, eating, I’m going to try it all.  Join me?

I thought we take a break from detoxes.  I was thinking about it so much, I almost gave myself anxiety!!  I still am excited, but I’ve been meaning to share what I’ve really been working on.  Kicking my sugar habit!!!!

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?  I always loved sweets, like really loved.  I was the girl who always needed a sweet breakfast such as oatmeal, cereal, waffles, and fruit.  Eggs was brunch.  I also always needed desserts as well.  How can one have a full blown amazing dinner and no cake afterwards?!  That seemed absurd.  The only reason I started baking was when I went vegan and just wanted some damn vegan cake and cookies!  I had to kick that nasty habit.  And I thought now was the perfect time.  Isn’t that always the case?


Here’s what I’ve been doing

  • Breakfast is officially brunch.  As in I started having eggs.  This has been working out for me, especially during the times that I do have dessert the night before.  The fact that I’m not fueling my body with just wheat and fruit (which actually is sugar and sugar), but rather a solid protein and veggies, helps with getting the sugar out of my system.  Another reason:  Since I’ve been waking up later, I wake up hungry.  My breakfasts have become pretty caloric, so it always lasts me till a later lunch as well.


  • Coffee.  Here me out.  Yes I tried to cut it out, and eventually I still plan to.  Coffee has that bit of caffeine to get you started.  I keep it black in the morning.  One cup a day.  This helps to awaken and keep going without extra food or drinks for a good portion of the day.  After lunch, I stick to tea and fruit.
  • Fill up!  Especially on the weekends.  Those days are usually family big dinners for most people.  I make sure to have a decent breakfast and lunch so I am not starving at dinner.  I eat GOOD at dinner.  When satisfied, your body will not crave something sweet.  If a must, share! And, if wine was present during dinner, skip dessert.  Wine has enough sugar.  Be careful though.  I hadn’t had much sugar in a few days, so when I made the mistake of having a couple of glasses of wine during dinner, I definitely felt it the next day.  It was the sugar!

I strongly encourage homemade goodies.  All of the sudden they don’t seem to count.  And you end up sharing so much of them, because you just want to spread the love, you won’t be able to eat half a dozen muffins by yourself 😉



What has worked for you guys?  What habits did you have to kick out?



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