Preparing for a Spring Detox

IMG_4328Transition Time

So, the weather seems to be warming up in my part of town!  I’m hoping for no more below freezing temperatures and longer days.  Daylight savings, you may come now.

I know for myself, it has been a brutal winter for me to keep up with most of my better habits.  First with holiday festivities, cold weather winter meals, and cozy beds tempting you stay asleep a little bit longer, I feel for you.   And do not even get me started with the “snow days.”  With the slight signs of warmer weather and longer days, I am hoping certain habits will come easier for both you and me, and by hoping, I mean they will!  I am ready for some lean greens, juices, sun, light clothing (read minimal clothing), and early wake up calls!  So I am going to let the lighter fairs, juices, and early wakeup calls help me out towards minimal clothing 🙂  So where do we begin?

I was doing some bedtime reading yesterday, and something caught my eye.  I am reading “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” and I came across an idea that I think pertained to preparing for a detox.

“The impure mind reads it from the wrong angle.  So the mind mud be pure.  It is all well and good to learn the different methods of meditation and the experiences that could come to you.  But if you are really serious about the business and really want to go deep into meditation, take care to have a clean mind.  Otherwise, you are not going to get it.”  Book 1, Sutra 46

Spiritually, when we meditate, we do with the intention that something will happen.  I guess you can say nothing.  With a pure mind, we get the most out of our actions and main goal.  This is not just in meditating, but anything we do that may be challenge for us.  The only way to get through a detox and actually get something out of it, is to prepare.  Mentally and physically we need to get ourselves ready for what lies ahead.

1497484_265657860250472_327101097_nDetox Preparation 

Mentally and/or spiritually, we have to have our intentions straight.  My favorite, and my usual, is to heal my body through the removal of ama(toxins) naturally with minimal effort.  I myself do not want to feel tired and overwhelmed during the detox and do not want my body to work hard to cleanse itself.  Essentially, that is what a detox is, to give your gut a break so your body may focus on doing it’s main function, which is cleanse itself!  When you feel good and do good.

My second reason, and probably the reason for most, is too lose that extra winter layer or at least get a headstart. If you experienced a colder winter, your body is probably already telling you it’s time for a change.  It’s time for good food, sweat, and crop tops.  Yes, I like to get ahead myself, summer is my true love.

Physically, it is a bit tough.  Although you may want to eat and drink what you like until a detox, chances are that it is not a good decision.  When you over indulge before the detox, food can act like a drug.  You will go through withdrawal during your cleanse.  Your body will be craving with more intensity all those foods you left behind so sudden.  Whether your demise may be caffeine, sugar, bread, or all of the above, back away for the next few weeks slowly.  Maybe limit the coffee to a few times a week or once a day.  Cut sugar out during breakfast.  Fill up on cooked hearty vegetable.  Work out a few times a week, which is my hardest part.  Your body and mind will be in the right place to change and get the maximum benefit without “struggle”.

Even when you start to doubt yourself, can’t make it all the way, or “cheat”, when you have the right intention, and good feeling, you cleanse just by leaving that stress behind.  Did you know that stress wreaks havoc internally?  So be kind and gentle with yourself.  Accept what you are able to do.  If you go into a challenge ready, most likely you will succeed.  Compare it to a sport.  You train and become prepared for an event or match.  Afterwards, whether you won or lost, if you gave it your best effort, you feel good.  Because, regardless you were in a good state going into it.  If you want to maintain the benefits of the detox, you must stick with that, “I want to feel my best to look and do my best all the f*king time!” attitude 😉  Before and after!

So the next few weeks, I will go over some of the stuff I have been preparing.  How I’ve been trying to eat and act with a little more mindfulness, easy everyday detox ideas, and my favorite, seasonal foods!

Hope this helps to jumpstart your body to get ready for the Spring.  I usually don’t do well with change, but somehow I am always excited for any change that involves yummy foods and warm weather!




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