Let’s Keep Warm! Winter Self-Care


So, there is a little over a month of winter left.  Are you guys prepared?  You have lasted already two months, so the last one should be cake, right?  Yea, I’m on the fence about that too.

For myself, winter is brutal.  I get cold, dry, and easily discomforted from the airy elements of winter.  I can definitely say as I got older, and really started to listen to what my body needed, I found what works for me during different times.  Winter is a time of extra nourishment and care for my Vata-self, or anyone for that matter.  Flu-season? Cold season? Treat your body right, and your body will do you the favor of keeping you healthy right back.

Winter Self-Care

1.  Eat Right.  No.  I am not just talking about salads and fresh fruit.  I’m talking about the warming, fatty, stick to your bones, cooked meals.  Winter is a very dry season, so in turn, you want your food to be the complete opposite.  You want your food to lubricate your body and be easily digested.

  • Keep you veggies cooked and hearty.  Cooked greens, squashes, potatoes, beets, and any other root vegetables with some color.  Think sweet and deep fall colors.
  • Bananas and avocados give you the calories and fats needed.  Oranges and grapefruits give your body the warming citrus and Vitamin C for your body.  I recommend cooking hard fruits such as apples and pears.
  • Keeps your meals filling!  Oatmeal, soups, stews, and chilis are great examples to keep you warm.  Cooked with oils and spices such as cumin, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric, to keep your digestive track lubricated and moving.
  • Dairy and meats are important for those who do get cold easily in the winter.  During the summer, I like a more vegan diet.  Winter, I consciously choose to eat sustainable animal products.  Free-range/pastured/organic eggs, organic cheeses and yogurts, and sustainable meats.  Pastured-raised organic beef is my go-to when I feel I need it.
  • I don’t recommend extreme dieting or detoxing during this season.  People who live in cold climates aren’t concerned how small there tummies are when it’s below freezing.  Extra weight is normal!
  • Warm drinks!  Warm water and lemon, ginger tea, green tea, chai tea, or peppermint tea are all great for digestion and warming your belly.  Kombucha fires up your digestive tract making it a perfect day time drink.  Even the occasional glass of red wine to warm up the soul!


2.  Outer Lubrication.  Oil massages are great.  You keep your skin moist and glowing everyday!  I love almond oil infused with essential oils.  Coconut oil is great for those who get less dry in the winter and also works as a great face moisturizer.  I am a big fan of shea butter in the winter for the face.  At night, try some sesame oil on your feet and hands.  Keeps them from drying out during the night.

3.  Sleep.  Our body’s use up a lot of energy trying to keep warm and active during the cold months.  Not only that but the days are so much shorter.  Bedtime should be that much longer!  Early bedtimes, while rising with the sun is my body’s best time clock.  Usually in the summer, I can wake up by 5am no problem.  In the winter, my alarms wakes me up by 6/7 on a daily basis.  Let your body sleep that extra hour or two in the winter.  Summer gives you energy, while the winter needs a little more support.

4.  Slow down.  You can still have fun and be productive, don’t worry.  Remember during the holiday season where everyone was rushing everywhere with parties, shopping, and late nights?  Not seasonally correct.  Winter is about more low key and intimacy.  Save all those late night outings, and summertime gathering for the summer!   Once in a while is fine, but focus on warm nights in.  Work outs?  Get them in the morning!  Warm up your body early to keep you going all day!


With winter eventually coming to an end, we might as well feel good with what is left.  Almost like keeping positive.  I am a full-blown summer girl.  So for me to not hate winter, snow, and layers of blankets, I try to treat my body with the extra care and love it needs this season.  We want to feel good all year round!

Stay Warm!


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