Month: January 2014

My Super-New Moon Intention


Helllooooo there, beautiful people!!!  Been a while, huh?  Happy New Year to you all!!!  I hope you all had an exciting end of the year and amazing beginning of the year.  Can you believe January is practically over?  I can’t.  I can honestly say this month flew bye, which is strange because I feel as if the last year dragged.  Maybe because this has been a crazy month for me?  Not in the least bit of sense with work, or events.  I mean in my head.  Like literally.  A lot of thinking.

I could recap everything that I’ve done over the last couple of months, so just maybe you can fully grasp why, but I think right now (or yesterday) is just fine.

Let It Go

Last night was a New Moon, but not just any new moon, a Supermoon.  Meaning that the moon was a bit closer to the earth than usual.  The tides were greater.  The moon seems brighter, even slightly bigger.  I wish I could say I saw this for myself, but I just let myself feel it.

The New Moon is the perfect time for reflecting inwards.  Setting goals, intentions, and meditating on what you wish to manifest.  It’s your time to let your creativity flow, if you will.  You may light candles, get a journal, or even set up an alter.  Really, you could do whatever you like.  All you have to really make sure to do is focus.  Focus on what you want.  The universe around you is full of energy and magic during this time, you only have to be open to receive it.

So last night, as I was drinking my ginger-peppermint tea, I lit one candle and focused.  What did I want?  What did I want to feel?  Obtain?  After a couple of crazy months, I had been through a lot.  A lot of different feelings, confusion, headaches, and heartaches.  It could have been with other beings or just myself.  I felt a lot of weight on my back.  Literally, there was tension right by neck for days.  I learned it was everything that was on my mind.  Everyone has shit on there mind, because most of the time that’s what it really is.  Junk that get’s us upset, worried, or anxious.  All of that junk, keeps us from getting a clear understanding of all the positive things around us.  Things or even people that are right there to help us get through all of that, and help us get to what’s awaiting for us in the the future.  Keep in mind that I said that we must get there.  Nothing will come to us.  It’s only there waiting for when we are ready.

After careful consideration, I went through a couple of intentions.  Motivation. Happiness.  Love.  Forgiveness.  All which I could put towards something I’ve been going through over the last month.  And then I realized what I really wanted.  I wanted to let all that shit go.  All the drama that I created in my head.  Whether it was doubt, fear, sorrow, or confusion.  All those experiences and emotions that I let hold me back from doing what I felt was right, or feeling something amazing.  On top of my bed, I laid my third eye against my sheets, and let everything pour out.  I actually visualized each word and memory that I didn’t feel serve me release out of my head.  Anyone a Harry Potter fan?  Think of pulling out of memory and keeping it in storage.  If you can visualize yourself doing, it can be done.  Sure it’s not easy putting your intentions into practice, but you must try to make it a constant reminder.  When you feel yourself upset at someone, feel scared about taking a different direction, or confused about what you think someone else is thinking, for myself it would be, let it go.

It just made so much sense.  Mind you this was my first intention I set for the New Year, my 2014 intention.  January flew for a reason, and I’m so glad it did.  I’ll start my New Year when I feel like it!

Till next time, my loves,



P.S. Can I tell you, I slept like a baby.  Solid eight hours, baby!