Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello


Isn’t saying goodbye the hardest thing sometimes?  I know I may be exaggerating with my reasoning behind it, but I can’t help myself.  The last day of my favorite farmers market was yesterday 😦  And I would like to say it was a memorable one.



The temperatures were below freezing and the winds were brutal, but I didn’t care, I was determined to make the most out of it.  Easily still the best part of my weekend.  The only not so great part?  Bags were heavy.  I got some some vegetables for Thanksgiving!



Only bringing a side dish of roasted butternut squash, brussel sprouts, and cranberries.  Maybe some balsamic vinegar?  I think that would go good with the cranberries.



If I can’t host Thansgiving, then I want to bring something that can show healthy food can be delicious and healthy!  Even on Thanksgiving.  I know I won’t be eating turkey, but everything else seems to be fair game.  My motto?  Homemade is always better.  Unless it’s a Whole Foods salad.  Will always have my heart…

(Insert green juice)



I had no better day off in a long time.  Filled with my alone time market adventures, to some home cooked meals, all I need was a early morning yoga flow and I would have been set.  But, we can’t have it all right?  False.  Just not right now 🙂


So as we say good bye to one thing, it’s only fair to realize the start of another.  I may not be able to spend my Sunday mornings roaming around a lot full of fresh produce, fresh baked bread and treats, but as the weather get’s cold, I might not mind.  Maybe this will just give me more time to be in the kitchen, getting ready for another one of my favorite things…

IMG_3370Tis’ the season.

Happy Monday, loves!





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