Weekly Bites

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a good week!  Mine has been pretty good.  Same old with work and work, and yoga.  Since I haven’t posted so much this week, thought I would share my eats from the week.  Went out a few times with friends and family which was nice.  Definitely not needed, but well appreciated.

BreakfastsIMG_3320IMG_3284Fast. Simple. Yummy.  A staple.

IMG_3327IMG_3305Instant oats.  Still don’t know how I feel.  Love the constancy.  Ehh on the taste.

LunchIMG_3310IMG_3315Indian buffet. Long overdue.

IMG_3321Thai Food.  Veggie yellow curry.

IMG_3336Another variation of this recipe.  Just with sweet potatoes and kale mixed in.  Delicious!

SnacksIMG_3288First pomegranate of the season! Yummy and difficult.  More yummy though.

IMG_3304Leftover pumpkin bread and persimmon.  Match made in heaven

IMG_3325Coffee and larabar.   Together make an easy dessert.

Add some apples and that amazing salad, and you got it all!  Tried my hardest to be realistic with my food goals.  I would say almost half and half with clean eating and indulgent yummies.  This weekend, I’m banking on leftovers, and a good lunch or dinner.  I do have off in a couple of days!!! Yay!

Till next time, loves!


PS.  Just because it’s Friday and it’s been awhile…



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