Not too Shabby

Good morning!!

Hope you guys are ready for another week!  I am just ready for a day off!  My weekend was actually pretty good.  I think I’m finally finding balance in the weekend, where Monday I don’t feel too drained… or bloated.  Since I usually still have a pretty busy schedule, I still tried to eat good with little hints of indulgence.

Start off innocent…IMG_3227

That Friday night life (home by 11pm)IMG_3235


IMG_3241My first and best pumpkin spice latte of the season.


IMG_3248Potato, Cheese, and Wine Frittata con cafe


IMG_3262Recipe coming soon 🙂

IMG_3274More Kale.

Also been taking advantage of the fall weather.  Walks outside at night and of course the farmers market.  Oh how I will miss thee.  Probably the best part of my weekend was the farmers market and whole foods.  I didn’t have a lot to get and wasn’t in a rush so it was nice to just stroll around.  My favorite finds…



Ending with an early night… I am ready for the week, and of course my day off 🙂

Enjoy your week, loves!



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