Good mawnin’!

Hope you all have had an amazing week!  You guys know how much I love Friday, and still I don’t know why. This week definitely went by a little faster.  Maybe, because I’ve been busier?  A lot of yoga, computer stuff, and… kitchen!  Yes, I think this is the most I’ve been in the kitchen in a long time.  It’s officially fall, and I’ve been usin’ and abusin’ my oven.  So convenient.  I just pop whatever I need in there for an hour, and in-between I do my own thing.  Haven’t been going out to eat as much, mostly to save cash and time.   I must also say, that I feel a little better.  Coffee isn’t as to drink after a veggie-filled homemade meal.

Just a quick overview of what’s been going down.


IMG_3168Pre yoga fuel

IMG_3194Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal.  Topped with yogurt, walnuts, and syrup.  Amazing


IMG_3176Leftovass.  Indian meets Italian.

IMG_3220Grandma’s kitchen with some kale.

IMG_3223Leftovass with roasted mushrooms and fried egg.


IMG_3181Sometimes larabar included.

or juice…

Now I can’t make any promises for the weekend with my stay-in meals over the weekend.  Even with just as a busy schedule, I need my special treats.  I’m simple, a Sunday morning scone will do 😉

Hope you all enjoy your start of the weekend!



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