This Is How We Do

Good morning everyone!


Hope you all had a good weekend?  Or week I should say.  I can definitely say mine was pretty low key.  Same old with work, yoga, and trying to sleep.  What has been a little more exciting are my eats.  I really did try to cook more and eat a little better.  Although I noticed something that my family likes to do… and that is eat.  We love different foods and every occasion is a great occasion to hang out and eat.


IMG_2921For example, when some invites you out to lunch and treats, my instinct is to take that offer.  Low budget hunger can get the best out of people…



Try explaining to them that you are on a diet.  I got crazy faces.  So I ate anyways, and each time was utterly delicious.  Between just random outings, leftovers, and clean out the fridge days.  My meals were different, yummy, and filling.  That’s really what matters right?There were some green juices and kombuchas to balance it all out 😉


Oh, and then there are treats… Those utterly delicious balls of (vegan) butter or cheese that I think deserve because I was so good…



Do you like parties?  I’m really not a party person.  But I do love gatherings… especially when there is good food, and every gathering that involves Puerto Ricans always has food.  When the family is over you know, you know you are about to eat good.  And what better way to treat the birthday girl to some good food.  Homemade or not… twas delicious.


IMG_3035(my grandma)

So here’s to a new week! More work, project, and of course food!

Happy Monday!



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