Consequences of the Ego

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all are having a good week.  It’s Wednesday so for me I’m ready to call it a wrap.  Today is my rest day, and I will take as many as I need.  Food-wise, I have been good, but the rest wasn’t as great.


BreakfastIMG_2882Started out very Ayurvedic.  Sauteed apples in coconut oil, with yogurt and flaxseeds.  Green tea.

LunchIMG_2889Semi-homade.   Sauteed butternut squash and kale with garlic and onions.  Threw in a can of chili and topped with a fried egg.  Then doused in siracha.  Twas easy and delicious.  Fast too, which was what I really wanted.

Dinner was a pear and tea.  Do we need a picture of that?

That night I didn’t get home until 12 am.  Then it was my bright idea to wake up at 5 am for yoga…


BreakfastIMG_2904Banana whipped oatmeal with sunflower seed butter.  Sprouted toast with some earth balance.  I was hungry. And butter and toast seemed like a good idea for a long day.

LunchIMG_2911Leftovass.  With a vegan twist.  Sauteed squash and kale with a veggie burger on the side.  Topped with nutritional yeast and siracha.  I actually did bring the whole condiment containers with me.  Even at work, I wanted to keep my lunch kind of special.  Juice on the side since I was craving sweet thangs.

ConsequencesIMG_2913With this drank in my cup, I actually fell asleep at work.  Embarrasing?  Yes.  Needed? Definitely.

I had been tired all day, and very sore.  After a break from yoga, I definitely shouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I did.  Even while I was at yoga I noticed the ego taking over.  Resulting in my sore muscles and now an irritated shoulder.  I know this happens sometimes, but the fact that I could have prevented it, by just listening to my body is a reminder in itself why I practice yoga in the first place.

Also, sleeping is probably a good idea.  Worked your ass off at yoga and work?  I’m learning quickly that sleeping in priority.  Especially in these winter months when your body is working extra hard to keep warm.  The days are shorter for a reason, so I guess this is part of my fall transition.  Although, when you work in retail and customer service industry, these are the months when you’re days get longer and more intense.  Funny how society contradicts what nature is intending for us.  Excepting the fact that I might not be able to do it all during these winter months, at least not in a day, is something most people usually have to work on.

My ego and I are learning to be acquaintances.  Just a simple “hey, what’s up?”, then I go on my merry way.  Not a bad idea, right?

Till next time, loves,





One comment

  1. Too often, our ego is invisible … to ourselves. That’s why we need the right people close to us, to hold the mirror up to us as needed.
    Glad you’re getting acquainted, though. It’s a step in getting free.

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