My Ideal Holistic “Diet”

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend.  I actually worked a little more than usual over the weekend, but still got to enjoy a time with both friends and family.  And by time, I mean I worked with my friends, and was fed by my family.  Eh, I’ll take it.


BreakfastIMG_2859Leftover Almond Pear Tart from Wholefoods.  I didn’t get to enjoy the dessert last night so this was me not missing out.  Delicious and well-rounded 😉

LunchIMG_2862Chipotle veg salad on my break.  Thankfully I had company while I waited on line.  Chipotes, why you gotta be so good?  I was going to get some kind of burrito/bowl since I was starving, but it was like the planets had aligned.  Got a text while on line saying the pops was making dinner.  I tried to keep this light and green 🙂

DinnerIMG_2865Lomo Saltado.  White rice, pasture-raised meat, sautéed onions and tomatoes.  Yeeeesss, please!  I actually resisted the urge for seconds… mostly because of dessert, which was a few leftover pumpkin cookies.

A Holistic “Diet”

In my opinion, yesterday’s eat was mostly pretty real/sustainable food.  Breakfast was made out of more ingredients, but at least ingredients I recognized and was accepting of.  Lunch was pure veggies and beans and dinner was a delicious home-made sustainable meal.  If I could eat like this everyday, I definitely would be in heaven.  Less breads and cheeses from the unknown and more meals enjoyed home with food that is cared for and made with, very cheesy, love.

I want to bring this into my everyday life, but in diet form.  When I say diet, I actually really do mean weightless, not lifestyle.  I’ve notice that I have been packing on a few pounds, not enough where things don’t fit (even though, I know they are significantly tighter), but enough where if you know me, you see.  I wish I could say I don’t care, but I do.  Mostly because I know why it’s happening.  Eating whatever, whenever, and ALOT.

Veggies, kale, oatmeal tea… they used to be regulars.  I want to try and bring those back.  Go back to my roots of a understanding what is best for me and when.  Dinner at 8pm?  Coffee almost everyday? Cheeses on the regular? Who am I?!  I was almost normal.  Except I didn’t feel it.  Bloating and constipation slowly started to creep back.  I’m a young woman who had always suffered from digestive issues… a blessing and a curse.

So here’s to my “diet.”  I wanted to go extreme and be vegan, with no coffee, and only out to eat once a week, but I had to bring myself to reality.  I work every damn day with minimal sleep, I’ll have my coffee and canned soup… when necessary.  It’s really just about eating (and drinking) the right things for my body, eating at the times that serve me, whole foods, sustainable foods, and a good routine.

5:30 am wake up calls and yoga … Here I come!


Till next time!



IMG_2880Oh yea, I’ve also been experimenting with these kind of things.  Stay tuned for some of that fun too!




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