Coffee Date!

Yes, I know you are excited.  I’m bring it back.  Me and you are going to chit chat.  Over coffee, or tea, whatever your preference.  Would you like a scone or cookie with that?  Gahh, scones!



Let’s talk about Thai food.  It has been my go-to-let’s-eat-but-too-busy/lazy-to-cook meal.  I like it, and it serves the purpose.  Cheap, pretty healthy (s*** load of veggies), and yummy.  Aaaand they have there own garden!  Even my grandparents love it.  Although we might need to break the habit soon.  Fall calls for home-cooked meals. Sigh*


Coffee, I’ve been taken under your spell.  We must part for a little in order for our love to last…

Did ya’ll know I took a break from yoga?  I’m pretty sure I mentioned because of my expenses.  I plan to get back on it this week.  I’ve learned a couple of things.  1. I need to do at least one sun salutation to start my day, no matter what.  2.  Hot yoga in the winter is a bit of a necessity for my blue hands and love-to-eat self.  Hopefully my love handles will melt away the first day back…. I’m a dreamer.

This year was the first time I dressed up for halloween in three years.  When you don’t do as much partying, dressing up loses it’s appeal.  But I thought, let’s not be lame and I’m going to be a freaking fairy!

IMG_2784Tinker bell 🙂

Can I tell you how excited I was for day-light savings?  Waking up at 5:30am and the sun not coming up till 7:30am was getting kind of depressing.  So I stopped and started waking up at 6:30am.  I felt like a numb, and loved it.  Buuuut now, there is light!!!! Felt amazing to actually get up, and feel like a normal human being, starting their day.


I am warming up to fall.  Excepting the sweaters, jackets, food, flavors, and colors that come with it.  This is my time to shine, right?  So I’m going to try and dress warmer, eat better, maybe sleep a bit earlier.  Totally have to accept that my naked house wanderings, no cooking, and no sleep habits have to change.  I love Vata season! (might be a little sarcastic…)

An example of fall lovin’… home-made brunch, with local eggs and potatoes, that you didn’t have to make.  Love spending time with another foodie. All about the no cooking, no cleaning, just eating types of meals.


Enjoy your Sunday!



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