Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies (and 1st Anniversary)

Hey ya’ll!!!


So, these are the times I feel like a bad blogger.  These delicious cookies that I made yesterday, I really wanted to share them with you… yesterday.  They were supposed to be my “Halloween” recipe post.  Cookies > Candy. Always.

Also, October 1st was my blog-anniversary.  My first post, and still my favorite, was a year and a month ago.  I actually didn’t realize it until couple of weeks ago that I totally missed this!  Ugh, isn’t that something to look forward too?  Aren’t you supposed to bake a cake? Cupcakes? Candles?  Sigh*  Well, I baked cookies.  Badass cookies.  And it’s belated.  Belated Badass Cookies.


These oatmeal cookies that I’ve been baking for a few years, are ALWAYS a hit.  They are soft, not too sweet, easy, and make a lot to share.  I make them every Christmas, and for special requests.  From the same author of my favorite vegan cookbook of all time, I used the recipe from there blog,, for a little twist.

I knew I wanted a for sure, delicious, easy cookie recipe, and seasonal of course.  It was my first time this season breaking out that pumpkin can, so I had to make it worth it.  Good with milk, but I must say, awesome with tea.  It’s fall, and I want to feel cozy with my tea and cookies.  Alright, mate?


Isn’t nice to be able to share celebrations with others?  Well, this is for ya’ll!  Halloween Blog-a-versary Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies.


Thanks for reading!  Thanks for commenting!  Thanks for being amazing bloggers and blog readers 🙂





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