Oven Lovin’

Good morning everyone!

Sooo, it’s Wednesday, and I’m pretty damn excited about that.  It feels as if the week is going by a little faster.  Maybe, because I’ve been switching things up a bit? Okay, it’s not really me who’s doing it, but things have been going a bit differently.


BreakfastIMG_2694Sprouted english muffin with almond butta and fig butta.

One of the changes is no yoga this week.  Expenses will just not allow.  I still do my 20 minutes in the morning, but that good hour sweat session just isn’t meant to be this week.  I could still do a more intense yoga practice at home, but I think I want to take this time to do other things.  Monday I sat my but down for hours job searching before work.  This makes you hungry and need sustenance.

IMG_2703Apple cider donut and coffee

LunchIMG_2706Canned chili filled with beans, tofu, and peppers.  Topped with nutritional yeast, avocado and parsley.

I haven’t had canned food in a while and I got to say… it needed siracha. I think I’m used to homemade and restaurant goodies now.  Although, when you’re in a crunch, it serves it’s purpose.   Kept me Full the rest of the day.  I remember I used to live off these while at school.


I actually worked a morning shift!  And a short shift at that.

BreakfastIMG_2708Muffin. Sunflower seed butta. Fig butta. Coffee.  I tried to switch it up…

LunchIMG_2709Greens, beets, hummus, and goat cheese, in a balsamic vinaigrette.  Not too shabby.

I kept it small because I knew I was going to be having a dinner.  Whether it was going to be out or cooked, it was happening.  I got out early enough where I knew I would have time, and since I have loads of that and no money, a home cooked meal it was!

DinnerIMG_2721Pasta night!

I actually roasted some acorn squash and brussel sprouts, which I don’t think I’ve done in about 7 months?!  Way too long.  But, tis’ the season and my fall produce will definitely be making more of an appearance.  I am also a firm believer in oven lovin’ for the winter months.  FYI. Please don’t ask me to bake in the summer.  I have to really like you 😉  Anywayyy, back to dinner.  Pasta, homemade sauce, and pecorino… twas delicious and it called for a celebratory glass of wine!

Hopefully I’ll have some more goodies for you soon!  As I said, I’m trying to get more into the kitchen.  More homemade goodies for you and I 🙂

Till next time, my loves,



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