Good Morning Routines Part 2

Good morning everyone!

I feel as if this week is going by fast!  Can’t lie, I am actually really happy about that.  After a rocky start to the week, I am hoping to get more on track the next couple of days.

A couple day’s ago I talked about morning routines.  Being that the morning is my me-time, I noticed that some structure in even that helps me focus throughout the rest of the day.  I’m going to share the second half with you.  This half is more active on a physical and spiritual level.  Also, a bit more time consuming, but the great thing is that it depends on the person themselves 🙂

4.  Give gratitude.  Waking up and thinking about what you are grateful for really puts things into perspective for someone.  It’s a great way to start your day on a positive note, even when the day before could have been a bit crazy.  Try to write three to ten things you are grateful for every morning, while having that lemon water.   Honestly, they don’t have to be the amazing things, that really only happen once in a while.  It’s the little things too from your blankets on a chilly night or even your job, that even though you can’t stand sometimes, allows you to pay for your bills and food.

5.  Time for a little yoga.  Now, of course I’m not talking about no sweaty, hour and a half power flow (although I wouldn’t stop you!)  On days where I don’t go to my early morning yoga class, I do a quick twenty minute flow.  Although, when I first started, I started with a five minute yoga stretch routine!  And that’s really all you need to get started!  With a few gentle stretches, you can awaken your spine, digestion, and breath to start your day with a little more energy.  In time, you may just start adding some sun salutations, to even, (gasp) headstands 😉

6.  Meditation.  What one really needs to center themselves in the early morning.  I love beginning my meditation as the sun is starting to rise.  When that early morning sky is starting to brighten up.  You can do a two minute breathing meditation, which is when you focus on the inhales and exhales of your breath.  You can do a five to ten minute meditation if you are focusing on some kind of mantra or chakra alignment.  It’s whatever you are feeling to whatever you have time for.  A two minute meditation can really do wonders though.

So that is the Good Morning Routine.  This is the Good Morning Routine that works for me.  This 60 minutes in the morning, has really helped me start my day off right for a while now, and is still evolving and changing.  It awakens me so that when it’s over, I am ready to go to work or do some work with a more energy and positive start.

Of course, there are plenty of other times and ways to do something like this.  Maybe you are more of a night owl.  Do you have a more of a routine before bed?  Sometimes, when I’m not working nights, I can squeeze in some tea time and yoga before bed.  And by yoga, I simply mean just hanging my head in rag doll.

Till next time!





      1. Kindred spirits miles apart – O the beauty of the inter-webs!!!
        May your heart be filled with warmth this cool fall morning, be well. 🙂

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