Friday Lovin’

Good morning, ya’ll!

It’s Friday, and as I was going to write some good-to-know educational post, I thought to myself, “Why do I  want to put people asleep on a Friday?”  I kind of want to talk about good food, hair, make up, and maybe some more food.


1.  First and foremost.  If I could eat one type of dish for the rest of my life (for dinner, I should say) it would most likely be rice and beans.  Give it to me Puerto Rican style, Cuban, or Mexican style.  I love it all.  With some avocado and egg.  Veggies in this pretend world aren’t necessary.

2.  I’ve become obsessed with short cuts.  I love looking at them and seeing what I would like next.  My Pinterest Beauty Board is mostly hair.  From the hot short cuts to gracefully long, it’s the one kind of beauty I like to experiment with.

3.  That’s a lie.  I love lipstick.

4.  I’m starting to get into the pumpkin spirit.  It was inevitable.  For someone who is guilty of spending way too much time on the internet goggling over food, it was bound to happen.  Pumpkin recipes everywhere!!  I have some beat up sandwich bread in my fridge waiting to be turned into this deliciousness.  I also would like to make these pancakes.  And for good measure (and because I’m cheap to buy it) this delicious drank.

5.  This weather has really been making me feel happy.  And since I’m home by myself most of the days, I deemed this quote very necessary…



Good day to you 🙂  And a wonderful weekend!




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