Ummm… Is It Summer Again?

Good morning, lovelies!


Hope the week is going well for all of you.  I really can’t complain.  The same ol’ work thang, but with Beautiful weather!  Been loving it!  The only thing that reminds me it’s fall are the leaves, but I say bring on the maxi dresses and sandals, please 🙂

My eats have been a lot more summery too.  Can’t help it, I must go with what I’m feeling, and it’s been warm.  I’ve still been taking pictures of every meal and not even sharing them (I know, rude) so I thought I do the traditional What I Ate post.  I miss them.

Breakfast has been

IMG_2262Granola or toast with almond butter.  Always some banana going on.


IMG_2275This one is eggs on top a pile of clean-out-the-fridge veggies and couscous.  Simple, but the delicious.  All the veggies were either from the garden or farmers market.  Home-made veggies have been lacking in the household so it was time to put them in use.  They were kind of on there last leg….

IMG_2269And those eggs?  Amazing!  Fresh from the hen ya’ll! (not mine, the farmer’s)

Summer fruit is officially over though.  They are getting dryer, smaller, or non-existant.  Good bye peaches, plums, and berries!

Till next time,



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