Fall Detox Review

Good mawnin’ ya’ll!

Hope everyone at a good week!  I’m actually really excited to start writing again.  Break was nice, but I felt as if I I was missing out.  Also, I’m a sucker for routine and my old one was (and still is) bomb!


So this post should really be call Brief Fall Detox Review, for the mere fact that it was a VERY brief detox and this will be a very brief review.

Basically I’m saying that I cut the detox short.  Two days short to be exact.  Remember the list I wrote last week?  Yea I did it all…. for three days.  The main reason for the cut off?  The food.  I am not sure if it was the recipe I used or how I made it, but by the second day, I found it very hard to push it down.  By the third day, it made me gag.  Is that tmi?  Well, it’s the truth.


I really try to enjoy everything I do, especially everything I eat.  I love healthy food to begin with.  All I really wanted was my damn granola and veggie burger sandwich!

Calling it quits on the 3rd day was not my intention but I thought it was for the best.  After finishing the last bit of Kichadi, we thought it was a sign to stop right there.  Slowly but surely I got into my regular routine of food.  I didn’t want to go crazy so soon, mostly because I never felt deprived, I just didn’t like what I was eating.  The last day I only ate the vegetables…. couldn’t stomach anything else.

Oh wait, I should tell you…. Day two was a bitch.  I had a lasting headache from the first night, until I went to bed the next day.  It wasn’t fun.  I want to say that was my body going into shock.  I had went from eating pretty heavy food to a much lighter fare.  I also didn’t have caffeine.  Let’s keep in mind that the week before I was having coffee sometimes twice idea.  Wasn’t pretty.



Some of the food though I really did enjoy.  The breakfast was just right.  Stewed apples with a bit of fresh fruit.  It actually was really tasty and just the right amount of food and sugar before yoga.  Ayurveda does recommend most of your fruit consumption in the morning for easy digestion.  I kept this one up the whole week because I really did like.

So this is how it went. This is basically what I ate. I am a big believer in loving what you eat.  Food is a blessing, so enjoy it.  If you love kale and veggies burgers, lovely.  If you love enchiladas, have some enchiladas.


I will be explaining more in depth each of the other aspects to the detox.  From the early mornings, to the nightly oil massages.  I’ve noticed that most of my everyday routine, has come from what I started while detoxing.  Who would have thought?

Till next time, my loves,



PS.  This detox wasn’t made for weight loss, but it’s amazing what happens when you rather not eat….  Do not try this at home.



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