Fall Detox Has Begun

Good morning, ya’ll!

So as the title explains, it is that time of year again!  And, I am pumped!  I’m doing this detox for a number of reasons.  1.  Its an Ayurvedic thang,  Spring and Fall cleanses are most valuable to your health.  2.  I know my body and mind needs it.

What will I be doing?

  • Wake up before the sun.  Just the usual 5am to 5:30am.
  • Oil pulling.  That will be a post for another day, but for a heads up, check out this link
  • Warm water with lemon.  A staple every damn day.  I may just add apple cider vinegar…
  • Sun Salutations and meditation
  • Kitchari.  A staple detox meal.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For me?  My go to lunch with steamed veggies.
  • Steamed fruit for breakfast.  Apples preferably.  Cinnamon and cloves
  • #yogaeverydamnday
  • Detox Tea.  Cumin, fennel, and coriander seeds for a happy belly.
  • Sesame seed oil massage at night.

Through out the rest of the month, I shall explain some of these more in depth.  The why’s and how it worked for me.  This week I have to take it easy on the computer.  Good bye Pinterest 😦

Sorry for the lack of words and pictures!  I’m keeping my to-dos on technology as minimal as possible!  Just wanted to update!

Till next time,





  1. Omg you are disciplined if you manage to stick to all that – particularly the 5am wake-up. I’m tired just thinking of it 🙂 I tried oil pulling for a week before, and then I got lazy. Do you notice any difference from doing it?

    1. Yea, especially in the winter it can get a little more difficult since it stays so dark. The oil pulling is definitely an experience. I’ve only done it a few times so I can’t say much yet. I definitely have to get used to it though, still kind of grosses me out lol

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