How To Shop With a Conscious Heart

Good morning, my dears!


It’s mid-week and I couldn’t be more excited .  The weekend is almost here and by now the daily grind doesn’t seem so dreadful.  I think I feel a bit more refreshed since I had my day off yesterday, so excuse me for my enthusiasm.

Let’s Talk Groceries!

As of late, I have been a little more busier.  What I once loved (and still do) for fun, has sometimes become a chore.  You may say I’ve been spoiled this summer as well.  With the farmers market open, I was able to do most of my shopping there, and well, feel really good about it.  Shopping in the open doors.  Knowing your food is as local as it’s going to get (unless you or your neighbor have a tremendous garden, in that case, I envy you) feels amazing.  You are doing something great for yourself, as well as the others and environment.  It’s healthier, tastier, and more intimate.  When you are a passionate foodie all that is pretty important.

So what to do when you don’t have the time?  It’s hard to do two separate shopping trips sometimes.  Maybe you work when the farmers markets by you are available.  You don’t have the cash at the moment either? (Most small town farmers markets are cash only.)


I.  Look to see what’s local at your supermarket.  Some supermarkets adversities what is local within their produce.  Of course Whole Foods Market does, but even names like Shoprite and Wegman’s in my neck of the woods do their part.  You are supporting a bigger farm, but also advocating for in season produce that didn’t have to travel so far to make it there.

2.  Buy in season anyway  If you live in the north east coast, you probably do not need that acorn squash from mexico in the dead of summer or strawberries from California in the fall.   Once in a while that is cool, but let me tell you, it will most likely not taste as good or be a price you would enjoy.  In the early summer I may buy peaches from Georgia and in the winter, apples from Washington.  Not as local, but you know it’s that time of year to be enjoying such fruits.

3.  Organic.  Some things just should be organic.  Apples, tomatoes, and strawberries carry the most pesticides when not organic.  I say cut cost where you can.  Bananas, avocados, and garlic are some of the few that I don’t worry as much if I can’t get organic.  Since the peel comes off and you only eat the inside, not as much pesticides have entered the fruit.  This is better for your own well being to some extent, but regardless, I don’t think one should be consuming products from farmers that need to wear masks as protection.


4.  Fair-trade.  This is an up-and-coming topic right after organic.  Ever think about those farmers from third world countries that are picking your foods?  Quinoa from Peru.  Bananas from Chile.  Rice from India.  Can you believe that the foods they produce in abundance, they do not get to enjoy?  Get paid very little, and struggle.  Fair-trade ensures that those people get to eat to.  They harvest in a safer environment and get enough pay and food for themselves AND families.  It’s a great way to support small communizes around the world.

5.  Enjoy the experience.  Seriously.  Enjoy the me-time from the car ride there.  Enjoy the scenery and colors of the supermarket, that’s what they are geared towards, our senses.  Have fun picking out foods you want to try and can’t wait to have again.  If it’s on sale, splurge on those organic figs from across the country!  It’s not an everyday thing, just a little indulgence.  Maybe pair it with some local/organic cheese 😉 It’s the little things right?


I hope this helps with your next trip back to the supermarket.  Just some tips and reminders.  I know we are busy and I know we have budgets. Do what you can.  Do it with love!

Till next time, loves




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