Wanderlust Block Party: Philadelphia and Restaurant Review

Good Morning ya’ll!


Happy Monday.  Can I tell you how not miserable I am about today, Monday?  After a busy and indulgent week and weekend that had past, I am ready to take it a little easier this week.  With one day off and a strict budget, I don’t have much of a choice.  Makes things a little easier, no?

 One of the things I did over the weekend, was attend my first yoga festival.  Filled with music, food stands, acrobatics (yoga, of course), and classes all day for all to attend, it was definitely an experience.  Worth the three hours to get there.  *it should have taken a little over an hour, but we like to get lost and take pit stops instead… more scenery that way 😉



The class itself was pretty different, but none the less I enjoyed it.  The music was spot on, for a good flow.  We danced (not my favorite part, but fun none the less!), supported each other (got really personal with your neighbor), and just really enjoyed ourselves.  Nothing better than yoga outdoors with an amazing community.  One of the reason I love going to these events is because once in a while, it’s great to be surrounded by very similar, like minded people.  MOST of us want to share, smile, give, and inspire.  We try so hard to get in touch with our inner feelings and heart, so that we may touch others.  Maybe in different ways, but similar in the way that a little can make a big difference.  And we are free to talk about it!  Meditate about!  Through our movements and breath we intend to do something for ourself or others and dedicate to those who truly need a little something more.   


In the madness of the world, it’s great to see those who are willing to open there hearts to something more beautiful.   



And then of course there was food.  We were a couple of  hungry yogis…



We went to a place called El Caminos Real.  I highly recommend this.  Really good food. Reasonable pricing.  And generous offers.  Alittle more than your typical tex mex place.  I think because the mexican food was a little more… mexican?  It didn’t taste cheap and typical.  The menu offers vegan, vegetarian, and even organic for there meats.  Once again, any place that does that already gets a good rating just for the options. 


IMG_1908Amazing spiced chips and generous guacamole

IMG_1914Cactus and sweet potato with crema.

IMG_1916Seitan and a bit of queso fresco.

IMG_1920Alittle bit of each with some rice and beans.  Too good.

And that is how you leave full and happy.  Yoga and mexican food.  I like to say it’s a bad-ass match-made in heaven.  

Till next time, my dears




I’ll leave you with my favorite…tumblr_mltbmhMhr91snofhpo1_500




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