Month: September 2013

Fall Detox Review

Good mawnin’ ya’ll!

Hope everyone at a good week!  I’m actually really excited to start writing again.  Break was nice, but I felt as if I I was missing out.  Also, I’m a sucker for routine and my old one was (and still is) bomb!


So this post should really be call Brief Fall Detox Review, for the mere fact that it was a VERY brief detox and this will be a very brief review.

Basically I’m saying that I cut the detox short.  Two days short to be exact.  Remember the list I wrote last week?  Yea I did it all…. for three days.  The main reason for the cut off?  The food.  I am not sure if it was the recipe I used or how I made it, but by the second day, I found it very hard to push it down.  By the third day, it made me gag.  Is that tmi?  Well, it’s the truth.


I really try to enjoy everything I do, especially everything I eat.  I love healthy food to begin with.  All I really wanted was my damn granola and veggie burger sandwich!

Calling it quits on the 3rd day was not my intention but I thought it was for the best.  After finishing the last bit of Kichadi, we thought it was a sign to stop right there.  Slowly but surely I got into my regular routine of food.  I didn’t want to go crazy so soon, mostly because I never felt deprived, I just didn’t like what I was eating.  The last day I only ate the vegetables…. couldn’t stomach anything else.

Oh wait, I should tell you…. Day two was a bitch.  I had a lasting headache from the first night, until I went to bed the next day.  It wasn’t fun.  I want to say that was my body going into shock.  I had went from eating pretty heavy food to a much lighter fare.  I also didn’t have caffeine.  Let’s keep in mind that the week before I was having coffee sometimes twice idea.  Wasn’t pretty.



Some of the food though I really did enjoy.  The breakfast was just right.  Stewed apples with a bit of fresh fruit.  It actually was really tasty and just the right amount of food and sugar before yoga.  Ayurveda does recommend most of your fruit consumption in the morning for easy digestion.  I kept this one up the whole week because I really did like.

So this is how it went. This is basically what I ate. I am a big believer in loving what you eat.  Food is a blessing, so enjoy it.  If you love kale and veggies burgers, lovely.  If you love enchiladas, have some enchiladas.


I will be explaining more in depth each of the other aspects to the detox.  From the early mornings, to the nightly oil massages.  I’ve noticed that most of my everyday routine, has come from what I started while detoxing.  Who would have thought?

Till next time, my loves,



PS.  This detox wasn’t made for weight loss, but it’s amazing what happens when you rather not eat….  Do not try this at home.



Fall Detox Has Begun

Good morning, ya’ll!

So as the title explains, it is that time of year again!  And, I am pumped!  I’m doing this detox for a number of reasons.  1.  Its an Ayurvedic thang,  Spring and Fall cleanses are most valuable to your health.  2.  I know my body and mind needs it.

What will I be doing?

  • Wake up before the sun.  Just the usual 5am to 5:30am.
  • Oil pulling.  That will be a post for another day, but for a heads up, check out this link
  • Warm water with lemon.  A staple every damn day.  I may just add apple cider vinegar…
  • Sun Salutations and meditation
  • Kitchari.  A staple detox meal.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For me?  My go to lunch with steamed veggies.
  • Steamed fruit for breakfast.  Apples preferably.  Cinnamon and cloves
  • #yogaeverydamnday
  • Detox Tea.  Cumin, fennel, and coriander seeds for a happy belly.
  • Sesame seed oil massage at night.

Through out the rest of the month, I shall explain some of these more in depth.  The why’s and how it worked for me.  This week I have to take it easy on the computer.  Good bye Pinterest 😦

Sorry for the lack of words and pictures!  I’m keeping my to-dos on technology as minimal as possible!  Just wanted to update!

Till next time,



Time to Slow My Roll

Good Morning!


Hope you all had a good weekend!  Mine was good I think.  For the most part, just worked.  Holla for that dollaa.  This weekend I will hope to be a little more exciting.  How? Not quite sure yet.


I can tell you what I will try NOT to be doing.  That is eating out.


I haven’t posted much, even pictures, about the food out I’ve been eating.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve been craving it, but not so much loving it.  I loved going out and honestly still do.  And then it started to get excessive.  I can tell through my taste buds, skin, pants, and wallet.  You know it’s bad when all those things start happening, yet you keep on eating!


What keeps me going back for more? It’s a social thing really.  Nothing like catching up over some drinks, good food, and coffee.  I love it.  It’s my favorite thing to do with others.

It can also be more convenient.  People are busy.  I’m busy.  I don’t have someone home to make me dinner every night, or even more importantly lunch.  When I’m at work during the day, it’s hard for me to pack a big sustainable lunch.  For me it’s my main meal most of the time. And since I hate using microwaves….



Other times, you just want something pretty damn good.  I love trying new things, enjoying some of the old.  Food has become sort of my passion.  Whether healthy or not, I’ve been trying to see the good in it all.  In moderation, everything is okay.  From working out, to watching tv, to eating out.  Enjoy it!  Because we all know too much of a good thing is not so great.

Confession time.  I plan on going out one more time this week.  I swear I’m done after this!  Fall Detox is awaiting!!!


Till next time,




Something To Think About

Good morning, loves!

Yay!  It’s Saturday!  And that makes me happy!  Why?  Not sure.  I work just the same.  Maybe go out.  I don’t care though!  Because it’s the freakin’ weekend!  Okay, I’m done.

So, my last post I kind of wrote my life away.  Or I just actually was informative with words, rather than pictures.  Can we do a bit of both today?  I’ve been loving inspirational quotes, pictures, people,…etc.  I post them on facebook, Instagram, even Pinterest.  So I thought I share over here 🙂











I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly this, right now. ~universe

Till next time,





How To Shop With a Conscious Heart

Good morning, my dears!


It’s mid-week and I couldn’t be more excited .  The weekend is almost here and by now the daily grind doesn’t seem so dreadful.  I think I feel a bit more refreshed since I had my day off yesterday, so excuse me for my enthusiasm.

Let’s Talk Groceries!

As of late, I have been a little more busier.  What I once loved (and still do) for fun, has sometimes become a chore.  You may say I’ve been spoiled this summer as well.  With the farmers market open, I was able to do most of my shopping there, and well, feel really good about it.  Shopping in the open doors.  Knowing your food is as local as it’s going to get (unless you or your neighbor have a tremendous garden, in that case, I envy you) feels amazing.  You are doing something great for yourself, as well as the others and environment.  It’s healthier, tastier, and more intimate.  When you are a passionate foodie all that is pretty important.

So what to do when you don’t have the time?  It’s hard to do two separate shopping trips sometimes.  Maybe you work when the farmers markets by you are available.  You don’t have the cash at the moment either? (Most small town farmers markets are cash only.)


I.  Look to see what’s local at your supermarket.  Some supermarkets adversities what is local within their produce.  Of course Whole Foods Market does, but even names like Shoprite and Wegman’s in my neck of the woods do their part.  You are supporting a bigger farm, but also advocating for in season produce that didn’t have to travel so far to make it there.

2.  Buy in season anyway  If you live in the north east coast, you probably do not need that acorn squash from mexico in the dead of summer or strawberries from California in the fall.   Once in a while that is cool, but let me tell you, it will most likely not taste as good or be a price you would enjoy.  In the early summer I may buy peaches from Georgia and in the winter, apples from Washington.  Not as local, but you know it’s that time of year to be enjoying such fruits.

3.  Organic.  Some things just should be organic.  Apples, tomatoes, and strawberries carry the most pesticides when not organic.  I say cut cost where you can.  Bananas, avocados, and garlic are some of the few that I don’t worry as much if I can’t get organic.  Since the peel comes off and you only eat the inside, not as much pesticides have entered the fruit.  This is better for your own well being to some extent, but regardless, I don’t think one should be consuming products from farmers that need to wear masks as protection.


4.  Fair-trade.  This is an up-and-coming topic right after organic.  Ever think about those farmers from third world countries that are picking your foods?  Quinoa from Peru.  Bananas from Chile.  Rice from India.  Can you believe that the foods they produce in abundance, they do not get to enjoy?  Get paid very little, and struggle.  Fair-trade ensures that those people get to eat to.  They harvest in a safer environment and get enough pay and food for themselves AND families.  It’s a great way to support small communizes around the world.

5.  Enjoy the experience.  Seriously.  Enjoy the me-time from the car ride there.  Enjoy the scenery and colors of the supermarket, that’s what they are geared towards, our senses.  Have fun picking out foods you want to try and can’t wait to have again.  If it’s on sale, splurge on those organic figs from across the country!  It’s not an everyday thing, just a little indulgence.  Maybe pair it with some local/organic cheese 😉 It’s the little things right?


I hope this helps with your next trip back to the supermarket.  Just some tips and reminders.  I know we are busy and I know we have budgets. Do what you can.  Do it with love!

Till next time, loves



Wanderlust Block Party: Philadelphia and Restaurant Review

Good Morning ya’ll!


Happy Monday.  Can I tell you how not miserable I am about today, Monday?  After a busy and indulgent week and weekend that had past, I am ready to take it a little easier this week.  With one day off and a strict budget, I don’t have much of a choice.  Makes things a little easier, no?

 One of the things I did over the weekend, was attend my first yoga festival.  Filled with music, food stands, acrobatics (yoga, of course), and classes all day for all to attend, it was definitely an experience.  Worth the three hours to get there.  *it should have taken a little over an hour, but we like to get lost and take pit stops instead… more scenery that way 😉



The class itself was pretty different, but none the less I enjoyed it.  The music was spot on, for a good flow.  We danced (not my favorite part, but fun none the less!), supported each other (got really personal with your neighbor), and just really enjoyed ourselves.  Nothing better than yoga outdoors with an amazing community.  One of the reason I love going to these events is because once in a while, it’s great to be surrounded by very similar, like minded people.  MOST of us want to share, smile, give, and inspire.  We try so hard to get in touch with our inner feelings and heart, so that we may touch others.  Maybe in different ways, but similar in the way that a little can make a big difference.  And we are free to talk about it!  Meditate about!  Through our movements and breath we intend to do something for ourself or others and dedicate to those who truly need a little something more.   


In the madness of the world, it’s great to see those who are willing to open there hearts to something more beautiful.   



And then of course there was food.  We were a couple of  hungry yogis…



We went to a place called El Caminos Real.  I highly recommend this.  Really good food. Reasonable pricing.  And generous offers.  Alittle more than your typical tex mex place.  I think because the mexican food was a little more… mexican?  It didn’t taste cheap and typical.  The menu offers vegan, vegetarian, and even organic for there meats.  Once again, any place that does that already gets a good rating just for the options. 


IMG_1908Amazing spiced chips and generous guacamole

IMG_1914Cactus and sweet potato with crema.

IMG_1916Seitan and a bit of queso fresco.

IMG_1920Alittle bit of each with some rice and beans.  Too good.

And that is how you leave full and happy.  Yoga and mexican food.  I like to say it’s a bad-ass match-made in heaven.  

Till next time, my dears




I’ll leave you with my favorite…tumblr_mltbmhMhr91snofhpo1_500



Make It Beautiful, Make It Count

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  Are we back on our grind yet?  I know it’s already Wednesday, which means another one is around the corner.  Although, I didn’t get to enjoy mine as much as I wish I could, I did stay busy and tried to keep in mind my day off is around the corner.


Anyway, I would like to talk about pretty things.  Pretty food, pretty movements, even pretty people.  Corny?  Maybe.  But, I think it’s important.  I’ve become really partial to the idea of beauty, the past couple of years.  I try to see it in everything I do, see, and eat.

Yoga has definitely taught me the beauty of movement.  Breath is everything.  It’s how you take it all in.  What you to see your body and mind do with the help of your breath is truly eye opening.  Every posture has a meaning.  How it can effect your body and health in so many levels is amazing.  So you always try to make it worthwhile.  With no struggle.  Through difficulties, you should feel grateful, that your body can go as far as it can now.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be.  It’s not about being able to balance on your head or touch your toes, but who you are on the way there.  Do you see the beauty in each step? In each breath?


You learn to find that beauty in yourself and then towards others.  I won’t lie.  When people upset you, let you down, or do something that hurt you, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.  Even when you hear about all the crazy things that are happening in this world, recognize it and move on.  It’s not worth staying upset, it hinders everything you can be doing to make it better.  You don’t have to change the world, but you can change yours.  See beauty in who and what surrounds you.  With an open heart, you can find the good in everyone.  Or at least the acceptance.  Me personally?  I believe in the kindness of strangers, that’s how I see your beauty.


Now this is a food blog.  What kind of foodie would I be if I didn’t talk about my love for amazing nourishing food!  Lately, I’ve been really into the photography of it.  Trying really hard to make it look pretty for your eyes too.  After reading health/food blogs for 5 years, it’s something I came to admire.

I’ve also been trying to enjoy my food in peace too.  Every meal yesterday, I either shared with others or had in silence by myself.  I savored every bite and every thought that entered my mind in that time.  That is actually how one should eat.  Not only does it make you appreciate the food you are given, but helps you digest it.  You find yourself chewing more, taking your time, and being aware of what you are eating.  With that your body is able to pay more attention to the digestion process, than the emails, paperwork, or blogging (guilty) you would be doing.  Meals are actually an important sacred experience that our day in age takes for granted now.  Sit.  Appreciate.  Chew.


Till next time, sweet thangs,