Coffee Confessions

Good Morning!!!

I hope you guys are getting ready to enjoy your weekend.  Aren’t weekends made for relaxing morning?  Well I am lucky enough to squeeze in a little time, so I thought I would write a post I’ve been thinking about for a while.

It’s been a while since we had our last coffee date, so I got a little more to share!  Which is why I’m calling it a confession.  Don’t worry, nothing too crazy will be revealed.  Life hasn’t gotten that exciting for me just yet!  But life has been happening and I thought, “Why not chit chat, with a bit of vanity?”



1.  First I want to address my sporadic posts.  I feel they are basically all updates!!  “Oh, hey guys, this is what I ate on the weekend,” or “Oh yea, here’s what happens during the week.”  I love pictures, which is partly why I do it.  The child in me wants to come out to play a lot sometimes.  Anyways, I want to start focusing on substance.  Recipes are a given.  Maybe, throw in some nutrition ish?  Bring back DIY?  Yoga?

2.  Fall is coming upon us.  As I’ve mentioned or hinted, it has been a bit hard to accept.  Tis’ the season of chilly weather (hello, blue hands), wearing clothes, and cooking.  But, this does give me new things to write about!  Fall detox, anyone?  Pumpkin recipes!  Fats and Proteins!  Fall is Vata season, so my Ayurvedic ways are telling me to prepare myself.

3.  Can we talk about my obsession with Lana Del Rey and J.Cole at the moment?  Two totally different styles, but I love what they have in common.  Catchy and deep.  I love what they sing/rap about and I love the fact they aren’t too mainstream.  Actually, they are… but not to the point that it’s annoying, like Beyonce (sorry bro), and Rihanna status.  Is it bad I get annoyed once artist become, like, popular?  I just like to pretend I know what’s really good.  Hah.

4.  I have been a Pinterest addict once again.  If I see it.  If I like it.  I will pin it.  It is my new bookmark page.  More towards recipes though.  Anybody pin?  I mostly do recipes, pretty food, things I wish I could make, and umm, quotes!

5.  I have sleeping problem.  Not really, I’ve just been a little conflicted.  A lot to do and a lot on my mind.  I haven’t had a day off in 10 days and I will still be going strong.  Hopefully things will slow down soon.  More so, with my mind.  I’ve been trying so hard to keep up with my yoga practice more than ever.  My reasoning has shifted from a way to move and stay active, to a chance to think about something else/nothing and refocus.  Focus on no matter what in the present moment there is no problem.  That someone out there needs your energy more than you (dedication), and your intention can be the most important thing to help you through the difficult moments.  Oh yea, and breeeeeathe!

6.  If I could, and technically I can, I would have coffee and waffles every morning.  And maybe a green juice on Mondays.

Till next time, my loves,



PS.  Can I make this my life’s theme song?  In love with every word



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