I Remember!


Good morning, ya’ll!

If only you knew how truly tired I am.  I’m not complaining, I’m just hinting at the fact that I can’t wait till these closing shifts are over with at work.  Moving from 5am to 11pm will do something to you.  It will turn your meditations into naps, bed into a sanctuary, and then have you craving that morning coffee like some kind of normal adult.  Say whaa? I’m not going to lie though, I’m digging the coffee.


Anyway, yesterday I decided to go to yoga at 6am, leaving me free from 7am to 3pm.  No errands, not too much school work, so I enjoyed myself.  I took it back.  Way back when I used to cook bad ass meals before work.  Have myself a simple homemade dinner, by yours truly.  I actually took a lot of pride in making something easy, delicious, and made with everything I love and believe in.


Nothing to special when you just see ingredients, but when you actually take time to know your ingredients.  Produce just picked from your garden.  Veggies from the farmers market.  It’s really something to be able to walk barefoot to get the ingredients you need, or to meet the people that grow humble food to share.

I can honestly say that this year may be the first year that I don’t want summer to end.  Seeing all the media for back-to-school, fall, sweaters (maybe a little excited about this, burden of working in retail).  To be able to enjoy the simplicity of summer meals, summer dresses (I’m actually turning into a shorts and tank mamacita), and just sitting to enjoy that simple summer sun is all I want to enjoy for the next month. This meal was dedicated to that.


I grilled some eggplant from the garden with zucchini from the market.  A simple organic garbanzo salad with local tomatoes, garden fresh basil, and olives.  Organic cheese for the non-vegans, please!  Organic quinoa on the side, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.


It maybe in my head, but nothing tastes better than knowing that your food really was made with love.  Taking your time, not having to rush, and really enjoy everything that you are eating.  Of course, it’s impossible to eat like this all the time.  That’s why I’m glad I got to remember!  Working everyday will sometimes drain you.  Who want to cook massive amounts, clean, and worry about what to even make.  That’s what usually goes through my mind and I got accustomed to other people doing the work for me.  Whether in restaurants or even home.

I’m just going to take advantage in when it’s possible.  The sense of pride and joy it really bring to me is unreal.  And what’s even more hard to believe, is that I get to share it.  Whether you are eating with me or reading with me, I just hope you enjoy it too.


Till next time, my dears,


PS.  For the night-time car-rides home…



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