Let Loose!

Good morning ya’ll!

Tis the weekend knocking at your door!  Friday, can almost be said to be one of my favorite days.  Especially when sun is involved.  Yesterday was an all day dreary day.  I woke up feeling blah and knew right away it was going to be a struggle to keep busy.  It happens.  I kind of veared off my regular routine, but I must say it was WELL worth it, and needed.


IMG_0636I had every intention of going to yoga (with a slight dread), so I had my usual granola concoction (heavy on the granola).  Then my friend calls saying she would like to pass by.  Morning girl talk is always a good idea, people.  It also gave me enough time to get some school ish done.  I was almost pretty upset about not making it to yoga, but not really.


I wasn’t the only one who was getting crazy.  We decided to go out to eat to have a good satisfying meal.  Rain = comfort food.  Rain = a little more food than usual 😉

IMG_0639Spicy Thai Soup.  Amazing.  And spicy.  There was also some salad involved with peanut dressing, but I got overly excited about eating it that I may have forgotten to snap a picture.  Whooops.

IMG_0642Vegetable and fried tofu in a Thai Basil Sauce with a side of brown rice.  Actually really good.  The sauce was pretty liquid so it soaked up the rice pretty well.  The veggies were still pretty vibrant and crunchy, which means they didn’t over cook them which is awesome.  Devoured.  Fast.

I wasn’t the only one who was getting a little crazy.  This little detox boy decide to treat (not cheat!)  himself to one good meal out.  When I did my detox back in the spring, I actually got a little badass with some Thai food too.  Great minds think a like.

IMG_0645He was ready.


IMG_0647And then it was back to reality.  Blueberry muffin larabar with some strawberries!  It was my first time having that flavor, which tasted like a muffin, but I wouldn’t exactly say blueberry…  Still good!

Well, today is actually going to be B-E-A-utiful!  I got some yoga, a skirt, and errands, lunch, and work in mind.  Kinda excited 🙂

Enjoy the day and weekend, my dears!



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