Start Saluting!

Good morning loves!

This week is not passing for me.  Feels like it should be Friday already!  How has it been passing for you?  All I know is right about now, I need some coffee and croissant.  Weekend, please come and save me.


IMG_0625Granola, banana, blueberries, almond milk with a splash of coconut milk.  I was feeling a little crazy, I know.  I started drinking that muscle recovery tea again.  Muscles have been sore, tight, and/or tired, from yoga once again.


IMG_0626Veggie burger!  I tried a new kind.  In case your curious, I eat Sunshine Burgers.  They taste amazing, are pretty hardy, and have amazing ingredients in them.  Highly recommend.  Anyway, I had the chipotle loco with tomatoes and avocado.  I’m not gonna lie, I miss the cheese on my burgers.  Gonna have to fix that ASAP.  On the side (even though it looks like the main event) a hujazz kale salad massaged with sesame oil and apple cider vinegar, topped with more tomatoes, avocado, and some salt.  Twas simple and delicious


IMG_0635I was only in the mood to nosh on something other than fruit.  Usually I’m hungry for a little something by dinner time, especially having my early lunch at home.  But I was good.  Oh well, not complaining since I was at work with limited options anyway.

Sun Salutations

Lets talk about my morning routine, shall we?  When I tell people I wake up at 5 am every morning, I am usually replied with a shock/mortified/confused look.  “But, why?”  When you get to know me, you either accept it and think no big deal, or you think I’m crazy.  I’ll take either one, since really, who wants to be normal anymore?

Anyway my answer varies.  I first respond saying, I like to relax in bed with my tea and I like consistency.  I may read or write, and then eventually get s**** done.  This B is Busy.

What I really would like to say is, “I have my water with lemon.   While I drink, I start my day with gratitude by writing it down in my notebook that stays on my bed.  I start with an intention for my day and with that I start my yoga routine.”

Even though I go to a class most days of the week, EVERY morning I practice at least 10 minutes of a routine.  Usually a couple of sun salutations.  The best time of meditation is actually while the sun is rising.  I love starting my day looking out my window towards the early morning sky while doing my practice.  I start my day with the sun and I rest with the sun.  Ideally, 4:30am would be right for the summer, but I haven’t gotten to that level, YET.

Starting your day with Surya Namaskar, is a great way to appreciate a new day.  Start your movement for the day, and listening to not just what’s going on “out there”, but what’s going on “in there,”… your breath.  I know what stretches are good for me afterwards, (anything that helps with digestion, duh) and ending with some seated meditation helps remind me to stay strong and focus, since the day is here.

Sometimes, I admit, it is a little harder to get out of bed.  Which is when I stretch in my bed.  Sometimes even downward dogging it on my mattress 😉

Enjoy your day lovies,



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