Playing With My Mind

Good morning ya’ll!

It’s Friday!  Excited?  I hope so.  Whether or not you get to go out, sleep in, or just relax, ENJOY IT!

Yesterday was extremely cold in our part of town.  With frigid temperatures in the low 70’s, I almost shed a tear.  I may be a little over dramatic, especially since today will be hot again, but I was seriously scared.  Summer, you can’t leave me now!  Not ready!  Even seeing Fall Fashion makes me cringe.  At least everyone is still focused on summer’s bounty.  How are all the tomatoes and zucchinis treating you 😉

BreakfastIMG_0555Sprouted muffin, sunflower seed butter, banana, and cinnamon.  I don’t play games when the weather gets cold.  Almost made oatmeal….

LunchIMG_0560Rice and beans, jerk turkey thighs, plantain, yuca fries, and steamed veggies.  After a yoga class, six hours of no food, and frigid temperatures (yes, I will continue with the drama) my body needed some FOOD.  I wasn’t going to get the meat, but it looked hella good.  Thank you Whole Foods, for all that Caribbean comida.  Honestly I could have done with out the steamed veggies.  So not appetizing.  Where was the greens??  Oh well, I’ll take what I can get.  And yea,those cravings? Almost satisfied 🙂

IMG_0564Any one ever hear of Bilbery?  Thought I try something new.  I thought it taste like a fusion of blueberries and blackberries.  This was my drank of choice while I feasted.

Do your eating habits change with the weather?  Mine have to.  I’m a  with cold weather.  I need hot cooked foods filled with carbs and fats.  Oh, and protein.  I guess a light summer soup would be good too.  Mmmm, black bean soup!!! With avocado and warm tomatoes!  I swoon.  Need that in my life now.  Ugh.

IMG_05681 more time with IG swag!

Enjoy the weekend, loves!




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