Food Cravings With Meaning

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all have had a pleasant week so far, as it is almost over.  Yes, tomorrow is Friday, and how forever grateful I am.  The past couple of days have been a little bit busier for me, filled with errands, work, and nourishing comida.


Tuesday I felt all over the place.  From early morning yoga, to the doctors, to grocery shopping, and then finally work, needless to say I was happy once bed-time came at midnight.  Eats were simple.  There was slim pickin’s at first, but you work with what you got.

IMG_0543Waffle, sunflower seed butter, and frozen mixed berries.

IMG_0544Cute yellow plums from NY.

IMG_0545Veggie burger with hummus, tomato, and avocado, on a sprouted bun.  Curry massaged kale salad.

IMG_0546Dinner at work.


Yesterday was a little more calmer.  I was so exhausted and SORE, that I slept in a little longer (6 am like a badass) and focused on just getting ready for work.  I started a little earlier and got to sit through morning traffic… My favorite.  Thank God for The Weeknd.

IMG_0547Breakfast was the usual, but just as delicious.  When you’re in a rush, cereal is the perfect go-to meal, no?  Got my granola, berries, and banana, soaking in that almond milk.  Lovely.

IMG_0548Afterwards, I made a quick stop at Whole Foods especially for this baby.  I used to drink this a while ago, when I started increasing my yoga frequency.  It’s like my Tylenol.  My body was still stiff from that run on Monday so I thought sipping on this throughout the day would do more good than harm.  IMG_0549

IMG_0552This picture doesn’t do my lunch justice.  It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I bought kale salad from Whole-Foods as well before work.  It’s my favorite one with avocado and lemon, and since it was morning it looked so fresh!  Next door by my job their is a Mom&Pop Italian deli.  It’s so cute.  Small, crowded, and owned by a really great family.  I think their food is always great.  They may be a little over priced at times, but if you do like me and stick with the veggies, you should be good 😉  Anyways, I got a wheat berry salad dressed in lemon, vinegar, with chopped peppers and onion, and then the artichoke marinated salad.  I put it altogether… Seriously an explosion in my mouth.  You can taste the different flavor in every dish.  So crazy.  So delicious.  With a mango kombucha on the side, I was a happy camper.


Even with all this delicious summer food, I’ve been craving the GOOD stuff.  My brother might have thought I was a bit loca, but more and more often, I want good Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American food.  Gimme the rice and beans, shrimp, plantains, yuca, shredded beef, and avocado.  I may not ever have a problem eating that

So why is that?  I was thinking that maybe I was not eating enough or not eating enough heavier foods, and then I look back at a couple of days ago and realize that’s not true.  Then I got to thinking what’s been going on in my life.  The truth is, I’m never really home.  I never really cook.  Can’t remember the last time, I spent a good day with my grandparents.  4th of July?  When I’m off, I find myself wanting to go out and see people since it is a rare occasion.  Maybe I miss it, the good ole’ home-cooking.  Maybe I miss being able to really find time to be in the kitchen.  Rice and beans is like the best vegan home cooked meal ever.  Trust me.

Or, maybe I’m just hungry.  Love the food.  Know what I want, and will have it when I can.  Regardless, you can always be ensured I will be snacking on fresh summer produce with no complaints.


Enjoy the day, lovelies!


PS.  On repeat.



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