Good morning loves!

This week is really going by for me.  I’m not complaining though.  Even with a crazy schedule, weekends are just as dear to me as a any other 9-5 mama.


IMG_0426Granola, blueberries, banana, and almond milk.  This breakfast is not getting old anytime soon.  It’s perfect for pre-yoga fueling.  Light but filling, so your not hungry or week during practice.  And it’s delicious.


IMG_0428I dined with the grandparents for lunch.  It’s cool, because like most older people, I love early dinners or big lunches.  Holllaaaa, lunchin’ like a true G (grandma).  We had salad and leftover veggies.  I had mine with a veggie burger and hummus on a sprouted bread.  Typical, but just as delicious.  Citrus kombucha on the side!

Dinner was sadly unpictured.  Cherries and ginger tea for me.  While I’m at work, it’s all about simplicity.


Heavy Talk

So, yesterday I was in yoga.  I am so happy to say that my studio has really taken a turn from being just a hot power asana flow yoga class, to now focusing on the base of yoga.  That would be the spiritual prana practice.  Taking different aspects of yoga, from the 8 limbs to the yamas.  We use pranayama (breath) to guide us through our practice.  From understanding our feelings and how that may affect our asana practice, even more importantly, our life.

While laying down focusing on our breath, she asked us to think of one word to described how we felt.  Then we said it out loud to her as she came around.  My first initial thought was anxious, since as of late, I’ve been having a hard time keeping my mind still.  My savasanas haven’t been very relaxing.  But as I was laying there at THAT moment, PRESENT time, I noticed I felt heavy.  My head and neck area in particular.  After three days of continuous practice, one would probably feel a bit more light, loose, or flexible, yet I felt as if I was lifting something other than my body every time I moved in class.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.  About my own personal life, to my surroundings and people I let into my life.  I’ve been making decisions so scary and radical, I doubt whether they are right, or an even better explanation, feasible.  While in practice, I feel myself craving to be inverted.  From headstands to shoulder stands, I want to feel that rush going towards my head, because once I come out of it, I feel almost light.  Like all that stuff in my head was washed away, filled with new blood, fresh thought.

I may almost be rambling now, but this was simply to share, that just listening to my breath, I realized what I truly was feeling.  How life affects my practice.  How I learn or realize something from my mat and use to my advantage off the mat.  I’m not saying that the headstands have been any easier.  It’s the one move I’ve been fearful to do for a while…. The amount of times of fallen and scared I broke my back is scary in itself.  Been causin’ a raucous in class 😉  So I went from fearful, to knowing I can and needing it.  Kinda like life.  From fearful to making moves to starting new adventures and now needing to clear my head.  Savasana, I will conquer you.

Once again, if you made it this far, I commend you.  I got a little yogini on you.  It happens.  Not often, but it’s something different.  I think this could go for any physical activity one enjoys.  Running, weights, dancing, using your breath you notice more what’s going on with your body, to what’s going on in life.  Ok, I’m rambling now.  I’m done.

Enjoy the day lovies 🙂






  1. Surrender to yourself – in the present moment, allow your worries to drift away and may you find peace in your breath – by “simply being”. 🙂 Be well today!

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