Over Indulgence

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend.  The weather was on and off here, but ended pretty nicely.  I spent the weekend working and getting things ready for the week, whether computer stuff or groceries 🙂 Oh, and I ate a lot too…

Started out pretty good….

IMG_0359Granola, fruit, and almond milk

IMG_0361Veggie Burger, hummus, tomato, and avocado.  Kombucha guzzling.

IMG_0364Whole wheat bread, eggplant caponata, broccoli rabe.

Then it got a little crazy…

Photo on 7-13-13 at 7.26 AM









Yea, so it got real.  This isn’t even everything.  How I felt the last 2 nights? Blah.  The last couple mornings?  Blah.  Between a couple big meals a day, late dinners, and and light night desserts, my body knew I did it dirty.  A couple of extra sides, snacks, and booze were not needed either.  And the dairy?  Yea, definitely played the “convenience” card.

Now, I am not beating myself up.  Simply, I acknowledge what has happened, and then give gratitude to the fact that my body (and EVERY body actually) is a forgiving and healing shelter.  I try to get away from the mind set of indulgent “days” and separating what is healthy and what’s not.  There is a balance and there is the fact of always listening to you’re body.  Eat when your hungry, stop when you’re full, one big meal a day…

It happens to the best of us.  Over indulgence… almost the American thing to do…

Today I will be taking control to getting back on track.  Nothing too crazy.  Just healthy yummy goodness.  I already prepared myself with yesterday’s farmers market goodies!!!


Hope my rambling made a little sense!

Enjoy the day, loves.




  1. Oh that eggplant caponata looks yummy! I posted an eggplant caponata pasta recipe a few weeks ago that was delicious 🙂 definitely a favorite veggie of mine.

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