What I’m Feeling

Good morning, loves!

I hope you all are ready for a fantastic weekend.  I’m not trying to do much but just keep it low key and enjoy some relaxation.  Anyway I thought I do a little something different today.  Why not talk about what we’re feeling?  Not emotions, people.  Let’s keep it light, funny, and maybe a little weird.


1.  Scenery.  Can we take pictures of the sky everyday?  It’s pretty and sometimes reminds me, “Damn, I need a real camera.”

2.  Berries.  They’re delicious.  In season.  Cheaper.  Insanely nutritious.  Umm, so why not have it every single day?  Plus they are really brightening up my dish!  Bananas don’t do much for my toast/cereal and white dishes.  Yea, I think I’m a food photographer now…



3.  Would you like to know how to make a bad ass sandwich?  Seriously, I think I would get you covered.  Usually, my sandwiches are always vegan (unless I get a little crazy and have tuna) and amazing.  They are like burger sandwiches.  Nothing weak about my big, fat, tasty veggie-licious burger.


4.  Detour from food.  Let’s talk Pinterest.  It’s fun and addicting.  You get to scroll through hundreds of pictures in a matter of minutes.  And depending what interests you, you can make your own pretty profile.  Uhh, sounds like another amazing way to kill time, no?  Mine is mostly food, yoga, food, and hair.  Sometimes, you even come by inspirational quotes that make you want get up and do something great.  Highly recommend.

5.  I have a lot of zucchini.  I decided I am making alot of loaves of this zucchini bread.  Different from last year, but I’ve come to really love this blog and recipes.  I’m excited to add butter on it.



6.  We also have some tomatoes coming through.  Green to red to purple.  There is absolutely nothing better than freshly picked garden tomatoes.  I think it’s one of the only fruit/vegetable I can really tell the difference with between conventional/not-inseason tomatoes.  I guess because I usually eat them raw and the juiciness and sweetness never compares to what you have just grown.  The farmers market comes close.  I chopped some up for my kale salad.  No dressing needed.


7.  Want to know how to break the bank?  Spend hella money on something that will last you 20 minutes?  It might be one of the best 20 minutes of you’re life?  These Suja drinks.  Pretty delicious, especially when they are on sale 😉  I tried the orange one yesterday. It’s like drinking healthy orange juice.  Not too sweet and you taste every ingredient including the carrot, and it taste amazing!!!


8.  Last but not least, Pandora.  Not just any Pandora station though.  You must listen to the J. Cole station.  I am kind of all about him his music right now.  I go through stages, and it actually kills me to say “move over Drake, there’s a new sexy daddy in town.”   Ok, that was actually easier than I thought.  Anyway, the music is chill, mixed with some booty bumpin’ beats.  You’re welcome.

Enjoy the weekend, peeps!



Hear with caution… he keeps it real.



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