Summer Lovin’

Good morning!!

I hope you all have been having a good couple of days!  Mine have been pretty eventful in the best possible way.  Lot’s of catching up.  It killed me that I wasn’t able to post so early in the week!  Really been loving posting every chance I get.


IMG_0287Berries everyday!!! Granola, almond milk, banana.  I got a different kind than usual, wasn’t impressed.  Low fat should have been a big hint.  It was the clusters that sucked me in.

IMG_0288Not just local yet, but Cali’s summer organics will do for now.

IMG_0290A delicious mess.  Veggie burger, hummus, and local tomatoes on sprouted bread.  Kombucha on the side.  Quick and easy for work.

IMG_0292Came home early to grandma’s cooking.  Score!  Bollitos de guineo y gondules (banana dumplings and pigeon peas), white rice, and very local veggies…

IMG_0299Manny’s Garden is in full effect!! Lot’s more zucchini so beware 😉

IMG_0293Just a little bit was all I needed.  Ice cream, the perfect Pitta balancing summer treat!


IMG_0301Banana Overnight Oats.  Blueberries and almond butta. Yum.

IMG_0317Chinese?! Rare and just what I needed.  Brown rice, tofu, and veggies with garlic sauce on the side.  While I was getting crazy, I decided on spring roll too.  Definitely witnessed that getting dunked right into the frier. Wow.

IMG_0318Beach!!! My first day off and not have anything to do?  Better late than never!  Good company and weather made this so much more enjoyable.  Even for a short amount of time, was definitely all I needed.IMG_0320

IMG_0322Beginning of one of the best meals I’ve had out in a while.  Portuguese!

IMG_0323Jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce.  So delicious.  If you are having dinner at a place located by the shore, seafood is always your safest bet.  Usually fresh and delicious, especially in a cuisine that specializes in seafood.  Everything was sooooo flavorful.  3/4 inhaled.  Couldn’t stop!

IMG_0328It be like that sometimes.  How I like it?  Straight on the rocks, please!

Summer’s here and I decided to live for a little bit.  A day to enjoy good food, nature, and company.  Defnitely in one day I remembered what it’s like to just drive around, laugh, get half naked, make a splash, and eat your mothaf* heart out.  And sometimes pass out with one of those fellas up top 😉

Get on with your bad self!



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