Independence Eats

Good morning ya’ll!

I am so happy to announce it is bright and early outside this morning!  I finally got up at my normal 5 am wake up call and feel amazing.  Must admit waking up felt a little more difficult than usual, but it didn’t last too long.  Feel like I have the whole morning to do…. whatever!  Okay, I’m done.

Anyways, how was you’r holiday for those who celebrated?  Mine started out really well, ended kind of lame.  Totally ok with though.


IMG_0188Tried for a festive breakfast in the morning, even if berries are my go-to everyday.  Just some sprouted cereal with almond milk.  I can’t get enough!


IMG_0190Keepin’ it green post-yoga.  I figure we would eat there early so no need to go crazy for lunch.  Just trying to get some nutrient in .

Independence for the Foodies

There was plenty of food for the few of us that were there.  Just my grandparents and brother went to my aunts house to chill.  It was pretty nice to have a smaller gathering as the last time was pretty big.

IMG_0196Starting off with some hummus, salsa, and pita chips!  I was starving pretty hungry when I got there, so I probably ate a few more servings than a typical casual appetizer.  Lunch time is prime time consumption for this mama.

IMG_0197I got to wash it down with  some beer.  This brand is soon becoming a summer time fave.  My aunt made sure to hook me up 🙂  Really been loving the beer this season!

Then it was time for some real food.  I really don’t give my family enough credit about food when we go out.  I know they always tried to have something for me and the bro since most likely we won’t eat meat (even dairy for me).  Athough lately, my aunt has actually been on a health kick so they are always trying to eat well, seasonal, local (their garden in huge!) and even vegan!  Yay!  And might I add they look spectacular!

IMG_0205Quinoa salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans, roasted veggies, and avocado.  Everything was so good, so obviously had another serving.  I was actually kind of full from the chips, but this really was so good that I couldn’t resist.

Dessert…IMG_0209Need I say more?

All this went down while catching up, listening to music, and 10 minute sessions of tanning.  Sun was hot!  First time really enjoying this summer weather guys.  Truly amazing and great pre-tanning before the beach!

Finally got home, had some ginger tea, and was in bed by 9:30 pm.  The lights and sounds from the fireworks were coming from my window.  It actually was a great way to fall asleep.  Hopefully, this just mean that I have enough energy to enjoy the rest of my weekend with a little more of a night life?  We shall see!


Enjoy the weekend loves!






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