Cooking With Others

Good morning everyone!

Happy 4th!  Hope you all are ready to enjoy the day!  Whether at the beach, pool, or cookout, the weather looks like it’s going to be in your favor!  I actually have no idea what I will be up do.  Hopefully some yoga, beach, peeps, and food.  Fireworks even?  Last year we could see them from my house which was pretty sweet for us.

BreakfastIMG_0175Pre-yoga fuel of sprouted toast with almond butta and berries.  Coffee was a necessity yesterday morning and it was everything I thought it would be.






After yoga, I got pretty hungry fast.  I wanted a real home cooked meal since I usually miss out on such during the week.  My grandma basically decided for me she would cook me a little something.  I thought it would only be fair to help out.  So I bought down my veggies and went to town.  I always love being in the kitchen with someone else.  Especially when we can both do our own thing, chat, and get food in the belly fast.  I LOVE to teach too, don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the “company” of having someone there and helping each other.

IMG_0183Fruits of thy labor.  Sautéed vegetables, rice, garbanzos, a fried egg on top, and avocado on the side.  Holla.

IMG_0178Some lemony kombucha.

DinnerIMG_0184Grapefruit and ginger tea.  Trying to get back into the light dinner routine, at least when it’s most feasible for me.  I was nervous I would get hungry later on, which I did, but not till after we should have already been out.  Let’s not talk about unwanted overtime though….

I hope you enjoy your holiday!  Spend with family, friends, food, and/or drinks, please 🙂








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